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Balmy Fall Day

One of the things I love the most about the South are the long Autumns, short mild Winters, and lovely Springs before leading into sweltering hot Summers. Where we live we are normally privileged enough to get one or two good snows each year but then once the fun starts wearing off the sun decides to come out and for the most part the snow is gone.

Here we are at the tail end of our Autumn. We are all dreaming of a White Christmas and apparently Old Man Winter could wait no longer to make a visit.

We have yet to have any snow but ice is a-plenty! This morning when I left the house the temperature was 11 degrees.


I have been eyeing this waterfall for days on my way to work….waiting to see what the water does in freezing temperatures. It was beautiful this morning and worth parking my car to get out and snap a few quick pictures before my fingers finally warned me that they were about to fall off!

A waterfall frozen in time….Literally.

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Zoom Zoom Little One….

I know I mentioned briefly on my Thanksgiving post that Easton was now a walker!! 🙂 He isn’t a pro by any means but if you dangle something in his face that he loves (Oh, lets just say a cookie, or maybe his paci….or perhaps a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!) that’ll get him walking for sure!!

I bought this little diaper cover the other day because I couldn’t resist it and like a natural camera ham-he took off after our tree and posed for the camera. 😉 Okay, not really….He had no clue I was taking a picture of his bum but it turned out really cute nonetheless.

I thought this picture was perfect for Trendy Treehouse’s theme of Zoom Zoom!!

**He’s going to zoom zoom his way right to our tree!!**

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And while I am at it I wanted to thank Trendy Treehouse for chosing my picture as a favorite in their Shutter Love Tuesday Theme of “Give Thanks.”

I was certainly giving thanks on this day!!


Shutter Love Tuesday & Day of Thanks

Trendy Treehouse is hosting their weekly Shutter Love Tuesday Photo Challenge and this week’s theme is Fall. This one was so difficult for me because with all of our leaf pictures I honestly had no clue which one to use. I finally decided on the one below of Keagan flying into the leaves. He is our little dare devil…The higher the better!

and then this picture just cracks me up! Talking about hitting the leaves head first!!

also I wanted to include my 23rd day of thanks in my 25 days of thanks challenge. On this 23rd day I wanted to show great thanks to my parents!

I moved in with my Dad and (2nd) Mom when I was….15??? What a lifestyle change that was for me. Through the good, bad, and I’m sure very tough and ugly they helped transform a very troubled young teenager into the woman who I am today. I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for their love & persistance. I know that they will always be there for me…even if not in person then in the advice I’m almost always looking for. I can call at the drop of a hat (and as a teenager could go straight to Linda) and talk and always know that I am getting an honest, unbiased opinon….which has always been right on. I know that no matter what the news is with my Dad-he is always going to bring out a heartfelt, gut wrenching laugh from me. They are one of a kind parents and I don’t know what I would do without them. With only 2 days left in this challenge, you know how the saying goes, “you save the best for last”…and they are certainly some of my best!

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The holidays mixed with birthdays

The holidays are quickly approaching! I bought the first few gifts yesterday and it really got me into the spirit. One of our favorite activities come the first weekend in December is heading off to the tree farm to search for the perfect Christmas Tree.

With Christmas this year though comes a whole new holiday…My sweet baby Easton’s birthday. It’s hard to believe he’ll be one already! I’ve been thinking more and more about birthdays with mine just around the corner, Thanksgiving Day to be exact, and then Easton’s only 2 days after Santa makes his visit. Pictured above is Keagan at his last birthday party. We’ve always made it a point to make his birthdays very special for him. I remember on his first birthday party we had at least 30 guests there waiting to see the big boy smash into his first cake….I have no doubt Easton’s won’t be as big this year, at least in size-It will be just as big of a deal to us, of course, but I do want to do a little something special for him….

On this 16th day of November I am thankful for the holidays, birthdays, and celebrations that bring families together! This is such a fun time of year…Certainly my favorite!!


A Milestone has been reached

Look at my baby!!!! We just discovered he can do this today! How proud I am of the little guy. Gosh, it’s not going to be long before he’s walking-then running, and finally able to keep up with his big brother. I watch him now and I can tell he wants to be able to so bad. It frustrates him to no end when he’s crawling as fast as he can and before he gets to where he’s going we’ve all moved on.

Way to go Easton! You’re getting to be such a big boy!

***Trendy Treehouse is hosting a photo challenge this week and the theme is brown….I couldn’t help but to think this picture n would fit right in***

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On another note we had a very lazy weekend….When I say lazy-I’m truly not kidding. I got out of my pj’s on saturday for a couple of hours but other than that….It was lounging all the way. That is totally unlike us. We’re normally running around so much that I often wonder where my weekend really went.

Well on this lazy weekend Keagan happened to request some ice cream sandwiches. I’m sorry but going to the store was not on the agenda so we made do with what we had….Which was, warm baked cookies straight from the oven with a bit of chocolate ice cream sandwiched in between. They were a hit!

The Paper Mama

Also this weekend we hit another milestone for the year…..Our first frost! It was beautiful but I’ll tell you flat out….I’m not ready for the cold!


While I’m at it I wanted to show thanks on this 8th day of my 25 days of thanks challenge to milestones…..Such small things in the scheme of the rest of the world can be such a big deal to our tiny lives. They can take an ordinary day and turn it into a day you’ll remember forever.

Trendy Treehouse: Collage

I thought I would throw something different into the mix. I know there are going to be a lot of gorgeous fall collages so why not a little water too…. 🙂 This was soooo much fun watching Keagan and his cousins swim underwater.


A story written in photos….

A story written in photos….but of course it must have a few words. 😉 My sweetie is the opposite from most babies. With most babies you have to comb over your floor and make sure that nothing is left on it because the human vacuum cleaner will come by and get it. Not this little guy! He doesn’t want ANYTHING in his mouth included food-other than the normal stage two smashed up baby food. I believe by this point with Keagan he was sitting back “eating” Thanksgiving dinner with us. I was up at 4:30 the other morning-just Easton and me. After a while I thought I would give these puffs a try….You can see from the pictures how far we actually got.

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