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Journey of a snowflake

If there ever is a perfect storm it is during a snow storm. It takes the perfect combination of temperature and moisture to create something so beautiful.

If you look in the middle of this photo you will see the perfect snowflake. Did you ever wonder why as a child you would cut snowflakes out of paper in all these neat shapes?? Snowflakes don’t really look like that, I used to think. Well yes they do! Take a close look near the leaf and witness a complete snowflake for yourself!

***No two snowflakes are ever alike.***



Quick snapshot of the day…..

…More to come of our adventures of Santa, trains, playgrounds…Oh my! šŸ™‚

25 Days of Thanks: Day 17….Talent

On this 17th day of November I give thanks for my talent. I am participating in a project along with several other awesome artist and photographers to help raise money for little Lucas as pictured above. Lucas has Down Syndrome and with our efforts we are piecing together a book that will help raise money for Lucas’ family and his medical expenses….Our small efforts will go a long way for this family and I feel so privilegedĀ to be a part of this awesome project! To read more about the great project that Faith has put together and to see more artist and photographers participating you can visit here: and click on the “Hugs for Henry Project.”


“The prime purpose of being fourĀ is to enjoy being four – of secondary importance is to prepare for being five.” ~Jim Trelease

I took this picture while sitting in a big hay field. Something about it pulled my heart strings. My little one seems to be in such thought.

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You Capture: Serene

Serene: Unaffected by disturbance, calm & unruffled.

Picture Perfect! My lunch could be described as serene…

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The Little Details….

There is a photo challenge over at Photography love...Ā and the theme was “The Little Details…” I actually wasn’t planning on entering this challenge even though I’ve enjoyed looking at all the other pictures. I was out and about on my regular stroll during my lunch and I snapped this picture. I decided to enter it because I love the details in it. I love how you can see the small airy flyaways from the plant as my camera hits its feathers. I love how the sun is trying to sneak its way in creating a perfect circular motion….
photo challenge


I was so excited when I found the photo challenge tonight for “Light”

Yes, maybe I am that strange cat that brings her camera to work….but when you work in a place where you have the opportunity to see such beauty, how could you not!? I hope I teach my boys to appreciate spotting the beauty in things like this.

It tickled me this morning when my oldest wanted to stand outside the car in the freezing cold to watch an airplane fly by in theĀ dark sky. He was amazed at the lights and kept commenting on, “how cool those lights are!!” and I just watched him as we both forgot about the cold for a minute.