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Monkeying Around

This weekend seems to be dragging on forever!!! I’m not one to normally wish my weekend away but with it being only 6 days until Christmas-I’m just ready to get the ball rolling, get the next week of work over with and move on to what I’ve been looking forward to for over a month now.

To try and keep mine uh, I mean our minds off of the exciting weekend heading our way we decided to take a trip to Monkey Joe’s. It was Easton’s first trip there but he was a pro in no time…Keeping up with the older kids there, no problem. 😉

**The karate kid**

**Easton seeing….**

**…and then doing.**

**A Brother is a friend given by Nature**


Gatlinburg TN Part I: Ripley’s Aquarium

We did so much on our trip and I took so many pictures that I thought it would be best to split it up into at least three parts….Aquarium, Water park, & Halloween & Misc.

Our very first stop when we got into Gatlinburg was Ripley’s Aquarium. We went there last year also but when I asked Keagan what he wanted to do once we got to the mountains the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “The aquarium!” So off we went!!

What a fun time! Some of our favorites were the jelly fish, shark, & penguins.

I also wanted to add this post into the 25 Days of Thanks Challenge! Join me over at

She’s put together a great challenge where you can post a day of thanks for the next 25 days. So often Thanksgiving is overlooked due to the over-commercialization of Halloween & Christmas when in reality Thanksgiving is such an important part of our heritage.

In this post I am truly thankful of how much Easton enjoyed the aquarium. I had no doubt that Keagan would but I thought we would push Easton around in his stroller and he’d be completely oblivious to the true enjoyment surrounding him. Boy did he ever surprise us! He wanted up to every tank we went to. It was really awesome watching my two boys have such a great time!



This time last year we were packing our bags to take our little boy on his “Big Brother” trip. I was 7 months pregnant and wanted to do something special for Keagan before another little one came into the picture. We had great fun! The colors were beautiful, the resort we stayed at was great, and Halloween in Gatlinburg is simply magical. Here we are 1 year later…I’m now packing up for a boy…A little one who is no longer my baby. Just looking at this picture I can’t believe how much he’s grown. And then of course, my baby. I am so excited! Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween and weekend!

SUCCESS(!) of the slug entrapment…

So yeah, my whole family is still under the weather. I think as of this morning I’m actually the worst off….but hey, even a sick child on Christmas is still excited to see what Santa has left him. That’s what I was like this morning waiting on the sun to wake up to see if my beer trap had been successful. Honestly, I thought I was going to walk out there and find nothing but much to my suprise-I think we got the little rascal that has been eating slowly but surely a hole in my kohlrabi.

Success of the slug entrapment! I am so very excited!!

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Artful Stone Swap….

I am so excited about the “Artful Stone Swap” I found over at Garden Mama’s blog today!!! Just so very excited! I feel like I’m going outside of my comfort zone. I love to grow…I love to take pictures…but one talent I was not blessed with was Art, being creative, thinking outside of the box. In a nutshell-Garden Mama is inviting anyone and everyone to join. She will be pairing up 5-6 (who knows….maybe more if more sign up) people come the first of November and they will send the stones to each of the people who are on their mailing list. It will be a sweet surprise as to what stones you get. Will they be painted? Will they have words of encouragement written on them? Will they have a beautiful handmade crochet cover on them?

I picked out my 5 stones from my garden this afternoon. Here is the before picture and of course I will post the after picture…and then the picture of the 5 I receive.

I would love to come up with something clever, something encouraging, maybe even something my kids can help with.

If you would like to join the Artful Stone Swap or to see more great examples of all the different things you can do to a simple stone click here:

I also had to link up on

because incase you can’t tell….I’m super excited and wanted to spread the word.

National Schrocksters Camping Vacation: Part II

It never fails that every camping trip we take, SOMETHING out of the ordinary is bound to happen. This trip, no, the zipper didn’t bust on our second night in, no-I didn’t wake up to grand daddy longlegs crawling on my face. We didn’t have any falls into the river or really any creepy crawling bugs to speak of…..Except-the stomach bug! Ugh, yes…..I started feeling sick around 4pm on Friday but we all thought it was nothing. By the time the night rolled in I spent all night and most of Saturday morning sick in the woods. The thought crossed my mind that maybe we should go home but how are you expected to pack up a tent and all the gear when you can’t even leave your sleeping bag unless its to go make another mad dash into the woods?

Thank goodness the bug came and went pretty quickly and Aaron really stepped in and took great care of the two boys while I was down. When I finally started feeling better we did still make the best we could out of the short trip we had left.

We had a beautiful site right on the water. We enjoyed fishing, swimming, cooking out…It was a beautiful full moon and we also went hiking and discovered a beautiful area with clear water and rock caves….Really really neat! Here are a few of the 80 pictures I took while we were out there.

K-Man helping put the tent together.

I love that this kid is a veggie lovin’ kid!!

This was the most beautiful walk ever!

Cave Woman!!! Beware!

Overall the trip wasn’t a total bust. Now that I’m back home feeling much better, showered and with a full belly thanks to Cracker Barrel, when I look back I don’t just remember the sick night but also the great Saturday we had out as a family. The discoveries we found, the laughs we had, and the memories we made that will last a lifetime.

National Schrocksters Camping Vacation…..Part I

And we’re off….Well almost! We’ve got a little bit more packing to do and then we’ll be on the road! We are so excited and also wondering what this camping trip may bring. We never come back from a camping trip and describe it as being boring…

We’re talkin’ about:

  • 5 hour severe storms…Guess we didn’t watch the weather channel for a week
  • The sounds of raccoons carrying the grill off. My hubs still thinks I’m crazy when I swear up and down I heard that.
  • Man eating raccoons…Okay, maybe not really but these things were the biggest I’ve ever seen and not afraid to steal your food in front of you.
  • Ticks, ticks, and more ticks….YUK!
  • Falls into the lake-yes that was me!
  • Crazy camping neighbors. There is something about us…We must attract crazy neighbors.

I know the list doesn’t stop there. And this trip has already started with a bang. K-Man spent last night throwing up…Not sure what got a hold of him but today he seems much better. Maybe that was our excitement for the trip and for once I’ll be able to come back and say, “Wow, what a restful weekend!” 😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We’ll be off to hike, swim, fish, have roast-outs, and campfires….