The holidays mixed with birthdays

The holidays are quickly approaching! I bought the first few gifts yesterday and it really got me into the spirit. One of our favorite activities come the first weekend in December is heading off to the tree farm to search for the perfect Christmas Tree.

With Christmas this year though comes a whole new holiday…My sweet baby Easton’s birthday. It’s hard to believe he’ll be one already! I’ve been thinking more and more about birthdays with mine just around the corner, Thanksgiving Day to be exact, and then Easton’s only 2 days after Santa makes his visit. Pictured above is Keagan at his last birthday party. We’ve always made it a point to make his birthdays very special for him. I remember on his first birthday party we had at least 30 guests there waiting to see the big boy smash into his first cake….I have no doubt Easton’s won’t be as big this year, at least in size-It will be just as big of a deal to us, of course, but I do want to do a little something special for him….

On this 16th day of November I am thankful for the holidays, birthdays, and celebrations that bring families together! This is such a fun time of year…Certainly my favorite!!



3 responses to “The holidays mixed with birthdays

  1. Oh, goodness! What a fun cake. Luke would go crazy! (His was Harley themed this year.)

  2. Wow, impressive cake! I had to allow the oldest to pick a Barbie cake last year. I didn’t like it but she was in heaven. It was her best cake ever!

    Erika B

  3. i bet he enjoyed that cake! definitely a special birthday!

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