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Blogging Break Tonight…

….for a little Christmas wrapping party!!
Keagan is away at Nana’s and we’re getting busy trying to make our wrapping pile a tad bit smaller!

is for Mountain of Presents!! 🙂

Wordish WednesdayLovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire


Halloween, Photo Challenges, & Pictures….Oh My…

I was going to post about our trip to the water park since that was the next thing we did but there are so many challenges to link up to relating to Halloween & Fall so I thought I would skip to this first.

First off, we had a ball! Only problem was Keagan was so tired from the trip to the water park and by the time trick or treating came rolling along he could barely hold his eyes open. After just a couple of stops for candy he looked up at us and said very disappointingly, “I’m finished…” Poor fella….So we decided to head on back to the room. Before we could even get out of the parking garage I looked back and he was fast asleep. Easton on the other hand loved every minute of it! Maybe because we didn’t torture him and put him back into his silly gnome costume. 😉 He was able to just sit back for the ride. He was so cute swinging his little legs in pure joy….

Without further ado here are some of the pictures. I’m linking up to Barb’s ABC photo challenge. It just so happens the letter this week is H! and also over at Simplicity’s photo challenge the topic is fall….Perfect!

**First off is my photo I’m entering into the Fall Photo Challenge over at Downtown Gatlinburg has so much to offer to the eye through a camera lens…I just love it!**

**Keagan’s first trip on the ice. It didn’t go so well…**

**H is for….Helluva drop! 😉 I love this picture though. We took, what I called The Flying Trolley” over Gatlinburg. I love how you can see the town…**

**H is for Hat**

**and last but certainly not least, H is for Halloween costumes and Halloween props…**

F is for…..

I look forward to doing the ABC Photo Challenge each week. This week we’re working on the letter F…

Two right off the bat that I wanted to post were:

F is for FINGERS….


F is for Fast Asleep…

For more great photos beginning with the letter F head on over to…

E is for….

The letter for the Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge this week is E….for some reason I had to really think about this one when it dawned on me the most obvious answer would be:


Also a couple more I came up with are:

E is for Eating….

and E is for Egg:

What all can you find that starts with the letter E??

D is for…..

Drops of rain….

We’ve had very little rain as of late but Sunday….Let it rain! Let it rain!! Let it rain!! Our garden, yard, bushes, everything outdoors was so happy to see a little rain. We’ve needed it. It made everything look so lush, green, and alive again. I enjoyed taking this picture of these Drops of Rain….

I also thought I would include a picture of our Dog, Boodro. 🙂


C is for…..

C is for Camera…At least it is today!

I was given some links to explore today and came across a really neat photo challenge. It’s not a photo contest…You don’t have to take professional quality pictures to appreciate this or enjoy playing along. It’s all about just taking pictures, looking at others’ pictures and getting to know your fellow bloggers while being creative.

Here’s the quick scoop and if you’re interested in more info visit:

In a nutshell each week will be a different letter of the alphabet. As you see, I’ve already missed A & B….All you have to do is post pictures that relate to each letter. You can take as few or as many pictures as you want. Be sure to visit back at this same site as I might be adding pictures to my “C is for” post throughout the week.

Without further ado…I could think of nothing more appropriate to start this “C” challenge off than with a picture of my camera!

Be sure to check back on this post later this week to find more pictures that work alongside the letter C. My wheels are already turning! I’m really looking forward to this! Come on and join along!!

***Just a new one added while dinner was cooked***

C is for COALS! Hot coals!!!

***Another “C” photo added after a long day of work on Tuesday!!**

COLD beer