Shutter Love Tuesday….

I haven’t entered this photo challenge before but when I saw the theme I thought it all too perfect! I had too!!! The theme this week out at the Trendy Treehouse was “Babies.”

We went almost 4 years in between our two boys. As Keagan grew older I dove  into being a mom of a growing young boy and forgot what it was like to cuddle with a sweet baby, to see them smile for the first time, or to hear them laugh in pure joy. I love to watch these two together and Easton is fascinated with his older brother. The picture above is the perfect picture of my little angel. Such a sweet & loving boy he is!



4 responses to “Shutter Love Tuesday….

  1. So sweet with that big hat! I love the eyes, the catchlight in them is just perfect.

    Erika B

  2. Look at the light in those eyes! So cute 🙂

  3. Always been one of my favorites! Good luck!

  4. Christina Gomez

    GREAT picture! I love the eyes! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came over and read your “Who are you?” section and I have to say that your first couple sentences sound exactly like me! 🙂

    Have a great day!

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