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Coooookie Crrrrriiiisp.

The boys are completely opposite when it comes to their choice in foods. Keagan’s favorite cereal is rice chex. At a party he always asks for some cake and ice cream but then only takes one bite and is ready to move on to something else. He prefers fruit over candy and would eat a salad over chips any day. I brought a Christmas cookie home for him the other day. He was very excited over it-took one look at it, said, “Thanks!”, placed it on the  kitchen table and never had another thought about it. Easton….He on the other hand enjoyed it maybe a little too much! 😉

He has a look of guilt because he knows that he has about taken out the whole cookie! 🙂

and not once did Keagan ever come back looking for that cookie. It was forgotten about the second he walked away from it the first time.

The Paper Mama


Our Elf on a Shelf….

So Keagan has an elf….and well his name is, Elf. He was introduced to our family last year after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving this little guy randomly showed up at our door. For the next 30 days he would hide out around the house during the day and then at night he’d fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa how Keagan did for the day. Christmas Eve last year was the last time we saw him because then on Christmas morning he went back home to be with his Elf brothers and sisters for the rest of the year.

Well guess what……He’s back!!! We got back from the family’s house on Thanksgiving and lo and behold there he sat in the middle of a plant. The little guy is quite the character…We find him in all sorts of random spots. Each morning Keagan wakes up and runs around the house to see if he can spot where he is for the day. Here are some of the random spots we’ve found him:

Not only does he provide a fun game of hide and seek around the house but he also leaves little treats. Everyday there is a new piece of candy in the advent calendar and on one occasion while Keagan was at school he dressed his room up for Christmas. What a nice surprise that was for him!!

We love our elf! It’s a great reminder for the whole month of December that Keagan better mind his P’s and Q’s because each night when the elf flies home to speak with Santa a good report is always wanted!! 😉

I’ve even been told by a little birdie elf that Easton may be lucky enough to get one next year….

PhotoStory Friday

I am dreaming tonight of a place I love…..

I love Christmas time! Decorating the house for Christmas…Getting the family excited for Christmas..(which isn’t that hard with a 4 year old in the house…) 🙂

Today we went and picked out our tree. We go to the same guy every year. We’ve become regulars-as a matter of fact he even gave us a $5.00 discount this year (and off of $60…We’ll take it!.) We come home and put the lights on the house, set out our stockings, play some Christmas music, and decorate our tree.

**Daddy, Mommy, Keagan, Easton, and even little Boodro’s stockings hung by the chimney with care…***

**Decorating the tree is a very special time for the family. Each year we all get a special ornament from Santa. I also pick up special ornaments throughout the year and our family always gives us some good ones too…This is Easton’s first experience with a Christmas tree. I believe it’s a hit!** (Aspire’s photo challenge…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!)

Aspire Photo Challenge

**I took a peek as an outsider to see in my home…From an outsiders perspective it looks like pure bliss. Nice big tree, warm cozy fire…I could see the silhouettes of all the boys wandering around. It warmed my heart watching this.**

**I couldn’t go without snapping a picture of my two boys by the tree. And even with the picture a little blurry, both of them are the poster child of happiness **

Photography love...Ni Hao Y'all

Getting good at this sick thing….

Easton has been the picture perfect model for a healthy baby until recently. I feel like every other week now I’m calling into work because yet another bug has gotten a hold of him.

Last night was honestly the worst night I’ve had since becoming a mom 4 years ago. We had constant crying here from about 9:30 pm and it’s still going on. My poor little guy just isn’t feeling good….And since I’m staying home with Easton I also let Keagan stay home from daycare too. I’m glad I did. He is being such a big helper! When I walked back into the room from pouring more coffee I couldn’t help but to grab my camera and capture this sweet moment.



“The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four – of secondary importance is to prepare for being five.” ~Jim Trelease

I took this picture while sitting in a big hay field. Something about it pulled my heart strings. My little one seems to be in such thought.

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges, Tutorials and TipsPhotography love...

A Sneak Peek…..

….Into Keagan’s thankfulness.
Isn’t it sweet!?!? 😉

I love the fact that my sweet boy is old enough now to understand the meaning of “thanks.” Four is such a neat age! He knows when someones feelings are hurt. He questions when he sees someone crying. A couple of weeks ago when we boarded our dog to go on our Halloween Vacation he asked where Boodro was going…When I answered, “He’s going to stay the night with his friends for a few nights.” He replied, “Awe, that’s so sweet!”

I love it!


The Keagster….

**Photo Challenge: Eyes**

You, Mr. Keagan, are a main man of mine! You make me laugh, smile, and sometimes want to pull my hair out. I absolutely love your innocence and your sensitivity sometimes brings me to my knees. I want to protect you from it all even though I know deep down I need to let you experience your little life while I watch. I would move the world for you. You are so eager to please and love to hear, “Good Job!” and I love to tell you that.

Your feelings get hurt when you’re put into time out but after all….You are a rowdy little boy and it’s bound to happen every now and then….(everyday… ;))

You have moved on from kiddie things to big boy things and correct me when I say, “Oh, how cute….” because it’s not cute but rather “COOL!”

You are the best big brother and get just as excited as your Daddy and I do when Easton hits a milestone.

You have helped complete our family and it simply wouldn’t be the same without you. You are a sweet sweet soul and whether you want to hear this or not, I think you’re cute as a button….But to you I’ll just tell you how cool you are.

You’re one of a kind Keagan and I love every inch of you! On this 10th day of my 25 day challenge, I dedicate it to you!! My first baby… 🙂

Wordish Wednesday

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