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Happy 1st Birthday Big Boy!!

December 27. 2009….My life was officially complete. We were blessed with you, the most sweet, gentle, loving, kind-hearted little boy we could ever ask for. You are the perfect fit for our little family of four. You absolutely love your older brother, Keagan. Here you both are waiting for the cake while we all sang Happy Birthday to you.

You bring a smile to both Mommy & Daddy’s faces even in the most serious of times. You have learned so much this year. You’ve gone from being such a tiny little dependant baby to quite the little personality. Your favorite word is, “Ut Oh.” You are best friends with your paci. Your love for food is unreal! We call you our vacuum cleaner because you will down anything in front of your face. You love sweets which was quite opposite of your older brother. You love to give kisses but only on your terms. You crack me up with your little 2 ft self roaming the house babbling the whole time. Sleep is not your favorite and we still wake up most nights to entertain you in some way-even if it’s just to put  your paci back in your mouth and rub your little belly for a few minutes. Cars, cars, and more cars! You take after every other male in this house. You love anything with 4 wheels and would rather play with a car or truck than anything else in the house. The doggy, Boodro, always makes you smile. He is so sweet to you but I don’t blame him. He’s put on a good 5 lbs since you’ve learned that its fun to feed him!

Easton, you are my baby and will always be no matter what the age! I love you dearly and wish you the best Happy 1st Birthday you could ever have. You have a big busy year ahead of you! Let’s get ready to have some fun!! I love you. xoxo

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The other woman….

My one year old has a “girlfriend”….It is incredibly sweet. When I drop off in the mornings he goes straight over to her and when I pick up in the afternoon they are always playing together. I hear during the day they are like their own little Bonnie & Clyde. Where one is creating trouble the other isn’t far behind. I think this is so absolutely the cutest and I was so shocked when I picked Easton up today to walk in to a gift from his bestie…. Little Bailey had a fun little dump truck waiting on Easton. So cute and he loved it!!

I have no doubt that he is growing up to be just like his older brother. His love for cars and trucks is unmistakable.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Coooookie Crrrrriiiisp.

The boys are completely opposite when it comes to their choice in foods. Keagan’s favorite cereal is rice chex. At a party he always asks for some cake and ice cream but then only takes one bite and is ready to move on to something else. He prefers fruit over candy and would eat a salad over chips any day. I brought a Christmas cookie home for him the other day. He was very excited over it-took one look at it, said, “Thanks!”, placed it on the  kitchen table and never had another thought about it. Easton….He on the other hand enjoyed it maybe a little too much! 😉

He has a look of guilt because he knows that he has about taken out the whole cookie! 🙂

and not once did Keagan ever come back looking for that cookie. It was forgotten about the second he walked away from it the first time.

The Paper Mama

Zoom Zoom Little One….

I know I mentioned briefly on my Thanksgiving post that Easton was now a walker!! 🙂 He isn’t a pro by any means but if you dangle something in his face that he loves (Oh, lets just say a cookie, or maybe his paci….or perhaps a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!) that’ll get him walking for sure!!

I bought this little diaper cover the other day because I couldn’t resist it and like a natural camera ham-he took off after our tree and posed for the camera. 😉 Okay, not really….He had no clue I was taking a picture of his bum but it turned out really cute nonetheless.

I thought this picture was perfect for Trendy Treehouse’s theme of Zoom Zoom!!

**He’s going to zoom zoom his way right to our tree!!**

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And while I am at it I wanted to thank Trendy Treehouse for chosing my picture as a favorite in their Shutter Love Tuesday Theme of “Give Thanks.”

I was certainly giving thanks on this day!!


Beginning to another week

It’s been a very quiet weekend. Quiet but productive! We’ve officially finished all of our Christmas shopping-which I am very excited about!….Santa will be good this year.

We’ve gotten the house decorated and I’ve taken several pictures of all this but that post will have to wait for another day. I’ve been on the computer a good bit today getting small little gifts made for a couple of people and really I’m ready to go spend a little time with the family. I couldn’t end the weekend with out posting this sweet picture though. Easton fought and fought nap time today. Finally…silence. Could it be?? Was he finally asleep… I took a peek into his room and this is what I found. Poor baby wore himself out trying to escape. I scooped him up. Gently kissed his nose and laid him back in the crib….Ahhhhh.

“There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.”

                                  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am dreaming tonight of a place I love…..

I love Christmas time! Decorating the house for Christmas…Getting the family excited for Christmas..(which isn’t that hard with a 4 year old in the house…) 🙂

Today we went and picked out our tree. We go to the same guy every year. We’ve become regulars-as a matter of fact he even gave us a $5.00 discount this year (and off of $60…We’ll take it!.) We come home and put the lights on the house, set out our stockings, play some Christmas music, and decorate our tree.

**Daddy, Mommy, Keagan, Easton, and even little Boodro’s stockings hung by the chimney with care…***

**Decorating the tree is a very special time for the family. Each year we all get a special ornament from Santa. I also pick up special ornaments throughout the year and our family always gives us some good ones too…This is Easton’s first experience with a Christmas tree. I believe it’s a hit!** (Aspire’s photo challenge…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!)

Aspire Photo Challenge

**I took a peek as an outsider to see in my home…From an outsiders perspective it looks like pure bliss. Nice big tree, warm cozy fire…I could see the silhouettes of all the boys wandering around. It warmed my heart watching this.**

**I couldn’t go without snapping a picture of my two boys by the tree. And even with the picture a little blurry, both of them are the poster child of happiness **

Photography love...Ni Hao Y'all

Easton’s visit to the hospital

Oh Easton….Do you know how bad you scared us these past two days?? I’m watching you sit on the floor at our home tonight playing with a toy and realize how much I take for granted each day.

Turns out after my last post you ended up getting much more sick then we all expected! I called the Dr’s office back and they told us to go straight to the hospital. I’m not one to panic and in all honesty I almost thought we were rushing into things heading to the emergency room. They checked your stats, ran some blood work, and then we waited. I remember looking at Daddy and saying, “watch them come back and say….Looks like its nothing but a bad ear infection…..” And in walked the Doctor. He had a very serious look on his face and told us from the looks of the blood work you were what they considered “septic.” Basically your bloodstream had an infection and it was tainting your entire body. We were told they would need to do a spinal tap, catheter & xrays. My head was swimming, my heart was racing and I thought I was hearing things. Your temp was about 103 and they went to give you something to help bring it down-little did they know your lymph nodes were so swollen they were blocking your air ways and you quickly stopped breathing on us. I remember feeling like it was something out of a movie. Next thing I know there were 9 nurses and dr’s in the emergency room-what they were doing…I don’t know. I remember watching your little lips turn blue as the room spun around me.

Before I know it-they had loaded us up onto an ambulance and you and I were on our way to the pediatric ICU at the closest hospital with a children’s wing.

P-ICU...You were FINALLY sitting up!

Mommy is SO thankful here to have you healthy enough to sit up at this point. Even if it was only enough to lean your sweet head on my shoulder.

We were told as they were discharging us from ICU into a regular room that we could expect to be at the hospital for another 2-3 days on IVs the whole time but you are one strong and determined little man. You were able to be taken off IVs the next day and after more testing and ultrasounds came back stable you were eventually able to come home on day 2 of our visit. Praise the Lord! We still have a long road to complete recovery but you are making such a bounce back-quick!

It’s amazing how quickly one day can unexpectedly change the course of your entire life. I will forever be showing thanks for all the prayers that were lifted, the support that was shown, and the great friends and family we have that were with us the entire time.

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