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Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Welcome to Virtual Coffee Tuesday!! Come in, come in…..I don’t think we’ll be sitting outside today-its a bit too chilly for me. I’d start out by offering you a nice big mug of hot coffee. Nothing too elaborate because yes, I’m a little boring when it comes to coffee. I prefer mine black with only a small spoonful of Sun Crystals to help sweeten it.

I’d then let you know how thankful I am to have today off all to myself! I do feel a little guilty for taking the kids to daycare and I did think long and hard on it but I honestly think they’ll have more fun there playing with their friends rather than staying home while I clean, change out the closets into our fall clothes, and grocery shop.

I’d tell you what a great time we had on our fall trip to Gatlinburg! More post and pictures on that topic to come! One of the best parts of the ride there and back were the really neat tunnels we got to go through! Keagan couldn’t believe that we were driving through a mountain.

Oh and how could I forget another excitement we had on our way home! We like to call this, “The Runaway Winnebago!!” We passed this camper on the highway after we saw it change lanes and about slam into a BMW beside us. As we were passing I saw that it was a little old lady driving this big monster and felt bad for her. I thought surely she must be scared to death. Well did she ever prove us wrong. This lady I believe thought she belonged on a Nascar race track. It became a joke with us in the car as we sang away to, “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…..” I laughed and laughed! Then decided to snap a few pictures as she started gaining ground on usĀ and just so happened to get her running off the road in one of them!

and last but not least because I know you need to get going….I’d remind you about my artful stone swap I participated in:

Today is the mailing day!!! I really struggled with this because I’m just simply not the creative type. I did figure out something I thought was appropriate since all the ladies I’m swapping with do have a garden they tend too. Here is what I came up with and I can’t wait to see what I get in return. Each stone has the chinese symbol for “Grow” painted on one side and then the word written on the other-They are then wrapped in tissue paper with the little chinese proverb taped on top.

Thank you for visiting me on this beautiful Tuesday morning. I hope you enjoyed your coffee….Until next time. xoxo

join me for coffee!


Virtual Coffee Tuesday

Good Morning,

I’m so glad you could join me for Virtual Coffee Tuesday. We have so much to talk about….Come in!

I would start out by offering you a delicious cup of my New England Hawaiian Macadamia Nut coffee. It is so good(!!) and then lead you outside so we can sit in the brisk October air to talk.

I’d start out by letting you know how sick we’ve all been. What started as something simple, so I thought, like pink eye turned into an all out full body infection in both Easton and I. It was quite a doozie which caused me to miss 3 days of work. I haven’t been out like that in a long time.

I’d tell you all about the trip we’re getting ready to go on this weekend. It’s our 2nd year going to Gatlinburg for Halloween and I am so excited! The resort we stay at is on a mountain and overlooks all the other beautiful mountains in the area. Last year we hit it right at peak for the changing of the leaves. It’ll be interesting to see how far they’ve come this year. Oh, and did I mention they have an indoor water park!?

I’d tell you I’ve been working on my 30 before 30 list. It’s a list of 30 things I’d like to do before I turn 30. I plan on posting that on my birthday which gives me one full year to complete the task…

And last but not least I’d tell you in such excitement that I got a new camera! Check it out!!! Isn’t it a beauty!?

I would tell you all the great features it has as tears start welling up in my eyes. You see, I’m really truly riddled with guilt for buying this thing! You’d remind me that I never buy anything for myself. Even down to the clothes I wear. About 95% of them are others hand-me-downs. You’d tell me that any extra money I ever seem to have always goes to the kids or to do something fun with the family. And I would respond….”But isn’t that supposed to be what Mom’s do?”

It’s time for you to go. The coffee has been great. I get up and hug you as tears swell up again. Talking to you has reminded me so much of talking to my mom. Just talking about everyday life. I miss her so much….and then I lead you to the door.

Thanks so much for stopping by~until next Tuesday….xoxo

join me for coffee!

**Oh and how could I end this without mentioning….Thanks to the Trendy Treehouse my picture made the top 10 in a photo challenge “A story in pictures!” I am just thrilled, proud, and floating on cloud 9…Thank you Trendy Treehouse!

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