Artful Stone Swap….

I am so excited about the “Artful Stone Swap” I found over at Garden Mama’s blog today!!! Just so very excited! I feel like I’m going outside of my comfort zone. I love to grow…I love to take pictures…but one talent I was not blessed with was Art, being creative, thinking outside of the box. In a nutshell-Garden Mama is inviting anyone and everyone to join. She will be pairing up 5-6 (who knows….maybe more if more sign up) people come the first of November and they will send the stones to each of the people who are on their mailing list. It will be a sweet surprise as to what stones you get. Will they be painted? Will they have words of encouragement written on them? Will they have a beautiful handmade crochet cover on them?

I picked out my 5 stones from my garden this afternoon. Here is the before picture and of course I will post the after picture…and then the picture of the 5 I receive.

I would love to come up with something clever, something encouraging, maybe even something my kids can help with.

If you would like to join the Artful Stone Swap or to see more great examples of all the different things you can do to a simple stone click here:

I also had to link up on

because incase you can’t tell….I’m super excited and wanted to spread the word.


5 responses to “Artful Stone Swap….

  1. Very cool! What a neat idea 🙂

  2. I have some “art work” of yours that I asked you to give me when you were in high school. It was very abstract…pen and ink…but I thought it was beautiful! And you are creative…look at the picture you posted yesterday! Don’t sell yourself short, Dear One! You Dad and I have developed a habit of taking a stone or just plain rock from every new place we visit. That bowl of rocks holds many wonderful memories….They are us…

  3. When I was younger, my siblings and I would paint stones. We just got some from the beach and then painted them and put them all over our backyard 🙂

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