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Our White Christmas

Our area had it’s first White Christmas since 1963. While we didn’t wake up to a blanket of snow on the ground it did eventually come and when it came it was gorgeous. I’ve taken several pictures of the snow but for this wordless(ish) Wednesday I thought I would share a few of Keagan taking a trip on the sled.

As you can see he was extremely excited when the snow finally started to fall:

Waiting for the ride of his little 4 year old life: 😉

Taking a ride with Daddy at the “wheel”…

Uncle Tye & Keagan’s turn:


Of course we can’t forget Easton. This was his opinion of the snow:

And while I’m at it I  might as well show a few pictures of quite possibly the ugliest snowman ever made. ;), Daddy & Mommy posing by the beaut of a snowman, Uncle Tye and Aunt Jeni, and Nanna’s house all pretty and white.

Great great White Christmas!!

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Christmas Morning 2010

We had a very magical Christmas this year! All the preparing, all the anticipation, all the excitement….and it was everything I could have hoped for. The boys made out like a bandit. Keagan’s big presents from Santa included a basketball goal he’s been wanting and a big monster truck remote control car. Easton received lots of noisy….very noisy toys- (Thanks Santa! ;)) Daddy made out with a brand new grill that is both gas and charcoal, a new tent, and of course his own remote control car to play right along side Keagan. And then me…Santa was very good to me also. I got a greenhouse for my little seedlings, a snowsuit for our winter camping and cabin trips, new hiking boots, a set of 10 wall frames to put my own photography in…Soooo happy about those!, some picture albums, and quite a bit of smelly good stuff from Bath & Body Works. We all must have been very good boys and girls this year to receive such great presents! I am very grateful and thankful!

Here are a couple of snapshots taken along the way….Our house is pure chaos on Christmas morning so I had to snap these quick when I could get them.

After Santa's Visit

Stockings full of so many goodies!

Thanks Teague & Clayton! I think it was a hit!! 🙂

Complete with winter suit & hiking boots-Let's CAMP!

Christmas 2010 ended with a bang! We did indeed have a white Christmas. As I type this we are preparing to go out and play with our 5-6 inches of snow on the ground. It also marked the 3rd year anniversary since Gram’s death. I felt her presence with me the whole day. I miss you mom. Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Tree

I think if you know me well then you know that I LOVE Christmas ornaments. In my family growing up each person always got an ornament hanging from their stocking every year. It wasn’t just any ordinary ornament but something unique and in some way or another fit each individual. That tradition made such an impression on me and I vowed to keep it going. Decorating the tree each year reminiscing over past years and then waking up on Christmas morning to see what ornaments we’ve collected the current year are one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

I stumbled upon a post today on another bloggers site where you can link up your Christmas Tree. You can choose as many ornaments as you want to show off and if I had my pick I would show them all. I finally had to limit it and choose a random 12 that mean a lot to me.

1. I love this ornament! It is so special to me. My mom and I were very close. She passed away Christmas Day 3 years ago. I had this special ornament made since she is now my guardian angel.

2. Over the years I have received a very special collection of Danbury Mint ornaments. This one is my personal favorite of the Irish Claddagh Symbol. I still wear the Irish Claddagh Ring on my right hand that Aaron bought me 6 years ago.

3. This was one of our first family ornaments. I was pregnant with Keagan-Hence the marshmallow wearing a baby shirt. 🙂

4. Keagan’s 2009 ornament. My little farmer boy. 😉

5. My ornament from Aaron….uh, I mean Santa in 2008. Apparently he thought Aaron was my frog turned into a prince….I guess I would agree.

6. No explanation needed here. How could be NOT have a GA ornament or maybe 2, 3, or 4, Georgia ornaments on our tree! Go Dawgs!

7. haha…Aaron loves this one. I would say its his personal favorite. It was given to him by my Dad. Let’s just say it may have been, could have been, a shotgun wedding… 😉

8. Everyone needs a Christmas Pickle! It’s an old german tradition and while we don’t hide the pickle on the tree we do enjoy hanging it each year.

9. This was Keagan’s art turned into an ornament. I believe this would have been 2007. I can’t wait to start collecting ornaments like this for Easton also.

10. With this being Easton’s first christmas he doesn’t have a lot on the tree…YET! I actually love his ornament Santa will bring this year though! I also love this one. This was given to him by his Pop and Lulu last year.

11. This would have been Christmas 2009 given from Santa to me…Not quite sure the meaning behind it but hey, everyone needs a beer drinking cactus on their tree!

12. King of the grill! That would be Aaron’s ornament in 2007. It was true then and it still holds true today!

I had so much fun doing this post! I could take pictures of all our ornaments and sit here and reminisce what each one is but I won’t bore all the readers. Thanks to hi, baby for posting this link up. It was a lot of fun!

Thankful for our Thanksgiving(s)

It has been a busy busy 4 days! I’m stuffed, probably 5 pounds heavier, and very tired but what fun it was! I’ve realized that as a child I don’t think I knew what Thanksgiving was all about and certainly didn’t appreciate it for what it was. It was one day of the year you gathered with family that you hardly knew, ate lunch, made some small talk, and found an excuse to leave as soon as possible. As an adult I look forward to Thanksgiving. I love seeing all the different families come together and really truly enjoy each other’s company. The grown-ups have a great time sitting back catching up with everyone and the kids just LOVE to run around with their cousins, friends, and siblings.

We had two separate Thanksgivings to celebrate between families. Each celebration had its unique moments that made each one as rememberable and special as the other.

Thanksgiving & Birthday Celebration at The Chapman's

Thanksgiving & Birthday Celebration at Maggie's

The beginning to the holiday season has really started out with a bang! I can’t wait to see what the last month of 2010 has in store for us also.

I love this picture of Keagan. He was so excited to bring me my birthday pie. Of course he had to help blow out the candles and open my presents for me too. 😉

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A day in the leaves…..

I love this picture!!! It was taken today while we were playing in the leaves. The bright orange background is from the bright orange leaves falling from the most gorgeous tree in our yard!

And speaking of those leaves, we decided that it was time to rake them up and get a few jumps in. As you can imagine I took loads of pictures and so many of them came out to my liking. I’ll be posting them here and there all week.

This picture I wanted to link to the SOOC Sunday link up. (Straight Out Of Camera)….in other words no edits. On all my other pictures I add my watermark, a border, maybe sharpen it here or there, adjust the exposure, etc but even without doing any of that this picture to me is just gorgeous!

I’m linking this picture up to Paper Heart Camera. This weeks theme is “View From Above….” I can only imagine what my big boys view is as he prepares to come crashing down on a giant pile of leaves.

Last but certainly not least is a very rare family of 4 photo! This hardly ever happens and actually I think it turned out pretty good!

There are several more Fall Leaf Photos to come over the next week. I just thought since there were so many I might as well split them up.

Oh and let me not forget to throw out a BIG thank you to Paper Heart Camera for featuring this photo as a favorite in the theme, “From Where I’m Sitting!” I am truly honored!!

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This time last year we were packing our bags to take our little boy on his “Big Brother” trip. I was 7 months pregnant and wanted to do something special for Keagan before another little one came into the picture. We had great fun! The colors were beautiful, the resort we stayed at was great, and Halloween in Gatlinburg is simply magical. Here we are 1 year later…I’m now packing up for a boy…A little one who is no longer my baby. Just looking at this picture I can’t believe how much he’s grown. And then of course, my baby. I am so excited! Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween and weekend!

Pumpkin Carving 2010

Since when did carving a pumpkin turn into an adult activity rather than a childs? Maybe since they’ve come out with these really complex patterns rather than just the regular old triangle eyes and a goofy little grin. I kind of miss those old pumpkins but regardless we still had fun. We had two that we worked on. One, Keagan got to pick out & he chose a nice “scary” bat….and then I picked the cute little ghosts for Easton’s. I then cleaned up all the pumpkin seeds & they’re sitting in a window sill waiting to dry out. I can’t wait to bake them and have homemade pumpkin seeds! Perfect for our roadtrip ahead of us on Saturday.