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Saturday with the Schrocks…

We had no clue what to do today. We knew we needed to do something to entertain the kiddos for a while and something relatively cheap. With Santa Clause coming in a few short weeks and then Easton’s first birthday only two days later….Money is a little bit of a concern.

Sooooo, we decided to head to a little park down the road and afterwards I convinced Aaron to hit up a hay-field. I was dying for some pictures and I knew the boys would have fun!

I got my ultimate favorite picture but I’m holding it out for the right time. I have sat and stared at it all night though. ūüėČ

The Paper MamaPaper Mama is hosting a photo challenge with the theme of “Cozy”….I had to enter my little dude. Look how cozy and happy he is swinging in this swing!

This just goes to show that you don’t have to have a penny to have fun…All you have to have is a close knit family that is out and willing to look for fun. It was a perfect family day!

And on this 14th day of thanks….I need to show thanks for family fun! I cherish every minute I have with my boys (all of them)….

Ni Hao Y'all


Live Every Moment: Brown

We went to an old field today where there were bales of hay everywhere…It was so much fun! Most would wonder what was fun about it but not our family….We had fun running in the fields, jumping off of hay bales and simply taking pictures….

Good, Free, Simple, Family Fun!

I took lots of pictures but wanted to go ahead and get this one up for ¬†photo challenge the theme was “Brown”

“To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never been seen again.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bluberry craft and hobby time

In my heart….

I have two sweet boys who fill my heart to no end!!! This picture is just a sample of what fills my heart!
I love it for 2 reasons. 1. because it features my youngest son who I love, love, love-OF COURSE! ūüôā

and 2….It has yummy apples-in the color green which represents me for so many reasons(!)….Garden, Growing, Being Green…..

Photography love...

Passing on the “Keeping it Real!!”

Go Organic!!

A friend of my passed this link on to me. It was written by her cousin who is a personal trainer and owns her own Kettle Bell gym in Atlanta. It is everything I’ve been thinking, saying, and doing! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this because it sounds like what I’ve been telling my family verbatim.

When you have a minute check this link out….unless of course you believe ignorance is bliss….And well sometimes if you aren’t ready or willing to make a change then it is!¬† Enjoy! I’ll see you out in the garden. ūüėČ

Sky Top Orchard

I honestly believe where we live we have the best of both worlds! We are only a couple of hours from the beach and a simple 45 minute drive to the beautiful mountains. Today we decided to leave early to head to the¬†mountains for the morning. I¬†had heard about an¬†apple orchard up there with panoramic views…And thats exactly what we got! This place had it all! About 10 different¬†types of apples, hay rides, bamboo maze,¬†homemade apple fritters, donuts, cider, jam, butter…Everything apple you could imagine. I took enough pictures to basically tell the story without me having to really tell a story so I picked out a¬†some of my favorites and thought I’d share.¬†

Heading up to the top... (These are grape vines on both sides)

The view from the top!!

Time to pick some apples!

K-Man...The professional apple farmer.

Mommy's Turn!

About to make baby applesauce. ūüėČ

K-Man being a sweet big brother!

Baby apple for baby hands.

The loot!!

It was a great time had by all!!

Morning out at the apple farm

Keagan Appleseed

We have a little tradition that helps us bring in the start of fall. Each September, for the past 3 years, we’ve headed down to the little local apple farm here and have enjoyed picking apples, watching the farm animals, playing on their farm equipment, and sometimes taking home some of their homemade apple butter or jelly.¬†

This year was no exception. Today was the perfect day! We had a nice cool morning and decided to head on over early before it became busy. 

We decided this year the first stop before hitting up the apples would be the giant corn maze they have. We’ve never splurge on that but boy am I so glad we did. It was HUGE! And so neat to be surrounded by rows upon rows of corn…with the most beautiful¬†purple flowers ever. The corn maze probably took a little longer than we had planned because we let our 4 year old be the leader and a couple of times I think I caught us going around in circles….After a while, one corn “road” tends to look like the next corn “road” so who really knows. Here are a couple of pictures that we grabbed while out in the maze.¬†

The sun coming through the corn maze

The boys taking a break in the never ending corn maze...

Daddy's turn behind the lens

An old abandoned barn behind all the corn

Next up we decided we would pan for some fossils, rocks, and arrowheads. We didn’t find a ton of neat things but did walk away with a really cool sharks tooth. When I asked Keagan what he was going to do with the sharks tooth he replied, “Take a bath with it!!!” So there you go….Well worth the money. ūüôā¬†

Panning for some treasures

Sharks tooth!!

Finally the baby was getting tired so we decided to start what we came for in the first place….Picking apples! As always that was a lot of fun and we came home with a bag of 12 which should keep us nice and fed this week. Who knows….I may even attempt an apple pie this evening for our dessert with our Labor Day cookout.¬†

This year he is finally tall enough to pick some from the ground!


Easton watching from afar

 Happy Labor Day, to all!

30 Days of Beauty: Day 29

I love old barns, old farms…I love the look of old tin rusting. I think an old farm house with a rusted tin roof has so much character.