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Scavenger Hunt Sunday…..

It’s time again for yet another Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by the one and only Ashley Sisk over Ramblings & Photos….

Let’s get started!

The five hunt items for this week were: The View Above, Something Hot, Something Cold, Electronics, and Sparkle.

1. The View Above:

I have been waiting for the full moon all month! I actually got a really good picture of it last night that I may post for Macro Monday but I also wanted a picture of it while the sun was starting to come up. I got so wrapped up in cooking breakfast this morning and I almost missed it….

2. Something Hot:

This one was a no brainer for me. We either have a fire going in our fireplace or we’re sitting out by the fire pit almost nightly. I took this picture last night when we had the fire going nice and strong.

3. Something Cold:

I could have taken a picture of my FREEZING feet this morning while I was standing outside barefoot trying to get a snapshot of the moon….but instead I settled for a piece of ice.

4. Electronics:

What did I ever do without my iPhone? It is practically connected to my hip! And the game pictured above is one of my favorite games that I play with my brother on a regular basis. As you can see he is winning….Which seems to be the norm.

5. Sparkle:

I took this picture yesterday while we were playing in the leaves. I love the way the sun is peeking itself in between the holes of the tree.

Well that’s it for this Sunday. See you next week!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Sunday Scavenger Hunt…

It’s that time again…Hard to believe another Sunday has come and will soon be gone….Let’s not waste anytime talking about it and just get to it!

Ashley Sisk over at Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosts a great Scavenger Hunt…The items this week were: 1. Self Portrait (ugh! ;)) 2. Handmade 3. Orange, 4. Candle, and 5. Traffic Signals or Signs.

1. Self Portrait. I really did not want to do this one and I actually almost skipped this week because of it. 😉 But I did it anyways. I took this picture during one of my lunches. It shows me at one of my favorite activities….Roaming my iPhone.

This picture also earns a spot in Barb’s ABC Photo Challenge this week because the letter is “J.” J is for Jessica!

2. Homemade. If you don’t remember my post about participating in the artful stone swap you can catch all the details here. I thought for homemade-it would give me a great chance to show off the stones I received from my fellow swappers.

3. Orange….Not much to say about this photo except for that I think its beautiful. This is a tree statue over at one of our favorite parks we visit.

4. Candle.  I love the antique feel to this picture. The old used candle, the antique mirror in the background. I added a bit of texture to keep the atmosphere going. I took this at someones house when they weren’t looking. I wonder when they see this picture if they’ll notice. 😉

5. Traffic Signals or Signs. How about both!? I took this picture as Keagan and I were standing right there by the train watching it go by. He is so amazed with trains and it just so happened when were in the right place at the right time.

Well that’s it folks….Hopefully I’ll be back next week for another Sunday Scavenger Hunt!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Oh boy, this was a fun one!!!

This week we had to search for, “Boo (!), Black, Texture, Wet, and Language”….so let’s get started!

1. Boo!!!

We went to an old historic graveyard today and there was no question what I was going to take a picture of. What are the odds of an old rundown house right nextdoor to this graveyard…..It really was spooky….Aaron wants to go back at night. NO THANKS!

2. Black….

I actually was torn on taking a picture of my dog, Boo, and using him for 1. Boo or 2. Black since he is both….well I didn’t use him for either. 😉

3. Texture…

This one was kind of hard for me. I took several shots thinking I would use them but in the end I’m picking this one. This picture has several textures. The roughness of the rocks, the smoothness of the fire, the fire grate….

4. Wet

Need I give an explanation of this photo!? This was taken at the waterpark over Halloween….

5. Language. At first I was thinking, “What in the world and I going to choose for this one….” And then it came to me. Keagan had on the perfect shirt! Proud to be American….

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’ve been waiting for dark to come get some pictures to complete my scavenger hunt….And finally its here! I don’t believe I’ve ever waited for dark on a Sunday night. Normally I’m wishing for it to take it’s time.

Anyways, here we have it. The 5 items we went searching for today were: “The 5 Senses”, “Child/Children”, “Dining”, “Night”, & “Sky”….so let’s get started!

1. The 5 Senses: I chose this picture because I feel like it brought out all 5 of my senses. I could see an absolute gorgeous baby…I could smell the sleepy lavender baby wash on his body…I could hear the water splashing on his sweet little body….I watched him touch the water as he played in excitement….& I could anticipate the taste of his sweet clean kisses on my mouth as soon as I got him out….

2. Child/Children: Easy enough….My 4 year old son is always up to something that I can snap a picture of….I’m still waiting in dread for his first broken bone. 😉

3.Dining: Dining was quite easy! My husband is the grill master! Here we are having steaks & grilled squash, zucchini, & onions…YUM!

4. Night: This is what I was waiting on!!! We carved our pumpkins today & I knew we wouldn’t see the true effects until night fell….They look awesome! Daddy did the big “bat” one of Keagan’s & I did the small “ghost” one of Easton’s.

5.Sky: and last but certainly not least is a picture of the sky…I have almost become obsessed with taking pictures of the sky. God has made a beautiful thing!

Thank you Ashley @ for providing such an awesome Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday