30 by 30

List of my goals to accomplish before the big 3-0 on November 25, 2011:

1. Learn to can our garden veggies

2. Complete my first photography class

3. Find and take a trip to a Sunflower field

4. Print my first blog book

5. Print pictures that I’ve taken and we’ve decided to use as our in-home art work

6. Go on an adult only trip….Yippie, already have that scheduled for February!

7. Get a pedicure. (No, I have never had one)

8. Lose 10lbs.

9. Have a least 5 Christmas gifts bought through out the year rather than cramming in November

10. Give up my beloved Diet Mt. Dew for 30 days

11. Drink more Green Tea

12. Try a new recipe once a week for a least a month

13. Bake a cake/dessert once a month

14. Make money from a photo shoot

15. Become more comfortable in front of people while doing a photo shoot. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if I’d do one and I chicken out….

16. Have a one on one little day trip with each son.

17. Learn not to sweat the small stuff

18. Find a church

19. Take a day off from work-just for me!

20. Get a massage (and no, I’ve never had one of these either)

21. Go one whole day without looking at a clock

22. Chaperone a field trip

23. Read more books!!

24. Change my own cars oil

25. Get a physical

26. Go vegetarian for at least one week

27. Payoff Aaron’s truck

28. Take a random family day trip

29. Go visit my mom. I haven’t had the courage to visit her grave site since she passed away. Dec. 25, 2007.

30. Swap nightly roles with my husband for the night.


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