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Passing on the “Keeping it Real!!”

Go Organic!!

A friend of my passed this link on to me. It was written by her cousin who is a personal trainer and owns her own Kettle Bell gym in Atlanta. It is everything I’ve been thinking, saying, and doing! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this because it sounds like what I’ve been telling my family verbatim.

When you have a minute check this link out….unless of course you believe ignorance is bliss….And well sometimes if you aren’t ready or willing to make a change then it is!  Enjoy! I’ll see you out in the garden. 😉


Wait…What was his name again??

Keagan has a letter and a color to study each week. This week the color is Green….which just so happens to be my FAVORITE color for many reasons.

They’ve sent a song home to help with learning to spell the world green. It’s supposed to be sung to the tune of Bingo…B-I-N-G-O…but instead G-R-E-E-N…..

So I start humming it on the car ride home and he picks up the hint and starts singing with his precious little voice, “G-R-N-G-O, G-R-N-G-O, G-R-N-G-O, and that’s the way it go-o-oes….

SO CUTE! I will go out on a limb and say that he may be slightly confused between the two songs and even more so because when I asked him what color he was singing about he told me “Red”….So I think we have some work to do. 🙂

Regardless, this should be a fun week of learning. Not only will we be learning about the color green but I will also take the opportunity to teach him about being “Green” too!