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2010 Visit With Santa

I was so excited to take the boys to see Santa this year. Keagan has really gotten into the whole Christmas thing and all he’s talked about is, “When I see Santa I’m going to tell him I want this, and that, and this….” practically every thing he sees on TV or in a store. I saw that our city was doing a visit with Santa and a train ride at one of our local parks-hot chocolate and candy canes free and the train ride was only a $1. Perfect!!!

Well it ended up not turning out so perfectly:

Keagan was scared to get near Santa…And then tried to convince me that he wasn’t Santa but rather his brother….

The train ride wasn’t a huge hit….We had just watched The Polar Express the night before. I think that left Keagan disappointed that this train wasn’t really going to the North Pole. They did get some amusement over watching the train though.

The hot chocolate was delicious.

and apparently the candy canes were too. ūüėČ

The Paper Mama

The boys also enjoyed playing on the playground and climbing on all the trees.

…and maybe next years visit with Santa won’t turn out quite so dramatic for Keagan…. ūüôā


New Santa Doggy….

I had to have a little¬†joy today¬†to lift my spirits….After this past week with the whole hospital episode, I spent today with my sweet little boy and when he would nap I would take advantage of the moment to set out some Christmas decorations.

L is for Light:

We don’t have near enough decorations…I’m sure the house will look a little more in the jolly spirit once we get our tree this weekend….but even so-I’ve decided that I am buying some more this year!! I want you to walk into our house and¬†not only¬†smell¬†but also¬†see the spirit of Christmas. I want it to be a time of year that both my boys look forward to the whole month and not just a day…I want lots of baking going on (which I made christmas brownies earlier, by the way.) I want the smell of cinnamon pinecones…candles buring….Hot chocolate in mugs and snuggling by the fire…..ahhhhh, I can’t wait!

Also I wanted to introduce you to our new Santa Doggy….Hehehe, his name is Rudolph….Also known as Easton. I caught him¬†crawling out of the doggy kennel the other day and thought I would have a little fun with the photo.

L is for Laughs:

PhotoStory FridayLive Every Moment

30 By 30….

First off, I’m writing this the day before Thanksgiving because I’m going to be so busy tomorrow I’m sure not to get a chance. Not only is tomorrow Thanksgiving though but it’s also my 29th birthday…29….Hhhhhmmmm, such a interesting age to me. I thought by the time I reached 30 things would seem so much more different. I thought I would think of myself as an adult, others would think of me as an adult, and life would just be different. Yes, I own a home, have a steady job, married with two kids…Sounds adult enough but not what I was thinking of.

**Paper Heart Camera’s self portrait challenge: Comfort**

So I saw on a blog I read regularly a list that she complied called 30 by 30…and decided to do one of my own. Some things are petty. Actually most of them are…but coming up with 30 items isn’t the easiest of task. I plan on trying to complete all these task by the time I’m 30 so I’m giving myself 365 days…Or is next year a leap year!? Who knows. So now lets get started on this list:

1. Learn to can our garden veggies

2. Complete my first photography class

3. Find and take a trip to a Sunflower field

4. Print my first blog book

5. Print pictures that I’ve taken and we’ve decided to use as our in-home art work

6. Go on an adult only trip….Yippie, already have that scheduled for February!

7. Get a pedicure. (No, I have never had one)

8. Lose 10lbs.

9. Have a least 5 Christmas gifts bought through out the year rather than cramming in November

10. Give up my beloved Diet Mt. Dew for 30 days

11. Drink more Green Tea

12. Try a new recipe once a week for a least a month

13. Bake a cake/dessert once a month

14. Make money from a photo shoot

15. Become more comfortable in front of people while doing a photo shoot. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if I’d do one and I chicken out….

16. Have a one on one little day trip with each son.

17. Learn not to sweat the small stuff

18. Find a church

19. Take a day off from work-just for me!

20. Get a¬†massage (and no, I’ve never had one of these either)

21. Go one whole day without looking at a clock

22. Chaperone a field trip

23. Read more books!!

24. Change my own cars oil

25. Get a physical

26. Go vegetarian for at least one week

27. Payoff Aaron’s truck

28. Take a random family day trip

29. Go visit my mom. I haven’t had the courage to visit her grave site since she passed away. Dec. 25, 2007.

30. Swap nightly roles with my husband for the night.

Nothing too huge….well at least to the eye. Some of these will take a little courage for me so we’ll see. I plan on posting this list on another tab on my home page and I’ll mark them off as I get them done.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving-Give thanks for those you love!! ūüôā

Photography love...

A day in the leaves…..

I love this picture!!! It was taken today while we were playing in the leaves. The bright orange background is from the bright orange leaves falling from the most gorgeous tree in our yard!

And speaking of those leaves, we decided that it was time to rake them up and get a few jumps in. As you can imagine I took loads of pictures and so many of them came out to my liking. I’ll be posting them here and there all week.

This picture I wanted to link to the SOOC Sunday link up. (Straight Out Of Camera)….in other words no edits. On all my other pictures I add my watermark, a border, maybe sharpen it here or there, adjust the exposure, etc but even without doing any of that this picture to me is just gorgeous!

I’m linking this picture up to Paper Heart Camera. This weeks theme is “View From Above….” I can only imagine what my big boys view is as he prepares to come crashing down on a giant pile of leaves.

Last but certainly not least is a very rare family of 4 photo! This hardly ever happens and actually I think it turned out pretty good!

There are several more Fall Leaf Photos to come over the next week. I just thought since there were so many I might as well split them up.

Oh and let me not forget to throw out a BIG thank you to Paper Heart Camera for featuring¬†this photo as a favorite in the theme, “From Where I’m Sitting!” I am truly honored!!

Straight out of the camera, not photo editingPhotography love...Ni Hao Y'all

Saturday with the Schrocks…

We had no clue what to do today. We knew we needed to do something to entertain the kiddos for a while and something relatively cheap. With Santa Clause coming in a few short weeks and then Easton’s first birthday only two days later….Money is a little bit of a concern.

Sooooo, we decided to head to a little park down the road and afterwards I convinced Aaron to hit up a hay-field. I was dying for some pictures and I knew the boys would have fun!

I got my ultimate favorite picture but I’m holding it out for the right time. I have sat and stared at it all night though. ūüėČ

The Paper MamaPaper Mama is hosting a photo challenge with the theme of “Cozy”….I had to enter my little dude. Look how cozy and happy he is swinging in this swing!

This just goes to show that you don’t have to have a penny to have fun…All you have to have is a close knit family that is out and willing to look for fun. It was a perfect family day!

And on this 14th day of thanks….I need to show thanks for family fun! I cherish every minute I have with my boys (all of them)….

Ni Hao Y'all

25 Days of Thanks: Day 7….Life

25 Days of Thanks: Day 7….I am thankful for LIFE.

I pondered for quite a while on whether I should write about this or not and then decided that this challenge is supposed to be truthful. It’s not truthful if I feel the need to hold anything back.

December 28, 2006 was a day that will change my life forever. I’ve come to peace with my experience but as the anniversary nears I feel tension rise in my body.¬†You see, I was part of an armed robbery. A three-man take over. I’ve experienced having a gun pressed into my back and my life threatened while I granted his request. I was a newly wed and a mother to an 8 month old boy who meant the¬†world to me. I saw all that flash before my eyes in what felt like hours but was really just minutes. I turned and saw my friends and co-workers being held up across the room with another gunman and I remember praying that no one would get hurt.

I still struggle with this. Just last week I was paying at a store and someone walked up to the counter that made me uncomfortable. My instinct was to run and I was so frightened that I left before even grabbing my receipt. Some mornings I’m afraid to open my blinds for what may be waiting on the other side….but I make myself. I’m a survivor and I am thankful for my life!

December 28, 2007….Exactly one year later to the day I buried my mom who was my best friend. Not a day went by that we didn’t talk. I eventually moved away from her but with distance the heart grows stronger. I called her about everything. I listened to her talk about her simple life. Even once she became sick and the conversations became repeats because she would forget that she had spoken to me the day before….We still talked. We had an undeniable bond and when she passed away on Christmas morning somehow I knew. I called the house and when there was no answer I looked at my husband and said, “My mom has died.” My time was too short with her….I am thankful for her¬†life.

December 28, 2009-Exactly two years to the day my second son was due to be born. I remember when I found out I was pregnant talking to a friend. We calculated that the baby would most likely be due in December. I remember saying to her, “As long as it’s not December 28th I’ll be okay….” Sitting in the Dr’s office watching the nurse do my ultrasound-it all seems a blur. All I remember her saying was, “Looks like you’ll be due December 28th.” I panicked. I cried…but I got I got over it. Turns out my sweet baby was born on the 27th but I have no doubt that he was brought into my life to help bring some happiness to such a somber time. He brings absolute joy to my life and every life he touches…..I am thankful for his¬†Life….

Ni Hao Y'all

First experience with pink eye….

Easton’s first true illness…..Out of all things it’s Pink Eye. I’ve taken him to the Dr. one other time after the daycare called me to tell me he had a slight fever and needed to go home. The Dr. said everything was fine except for he may be developing a slight ear infection and prescribed some antibiotics….Well I never gave them to him. I’m one to steer clear of antibiotics if they aren’t truly necessary. Well here we are with pink eye¬†now and not just with antibiotics but antibiotic drops that I have to put into his eyes FOUR times a day! Wow! I see lots of fun in our future….

I¬†stayed home from work today and will most likely do it again tomorrow. I also kept Keagan out as a little treat for him. I thought he would enjoy the break. While he was out as a treat we decided to make some treats during one of Easton’s much needed naps. ūüôā

***Just an update since writing this last night…It appears that this is not going to go away without making a mark in the whole household. I am officially down for the count. I’ve never had pink eye & didn’t realize¬†how much¬†pain my little man was in yesterday. Let’s hope it makes its way with me & leaves the rest of us alone!***