A story written in photos….

A story written in photos….but of course it must have a few words. 😉 My sweetie is the opposite from most babies. With most babies you have to comb over your floor and make sure that nothing is left on it because the human vacuum cleaner will come by and get it. Not this little guy! He doesn’t want ANYTHING in his mouth included food-other than the normal stage two smashed up baby food. I believe by this point with Keagan he was sitting back “eating” Thanksgiving dinner with us. I was up at 4:30 the other morning-just Easton and me. After a while I thought I would give these puffs a try….You can see from the pictures how far we actually got.

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7 responses to “A story written in photos….

  1. OMGosh, Jessica! That is absolutely precious.

    I kinda miss those puffs-days, now!

  2. One of Trent and Lisa’s twins actually went to an eating disorder program because she would only eat certain shapes! She is doing better now. She is noticably smaller than her twin who will eat anything! She loves these puffs but will only eat certain ones…she is good at recognizing shapes and sorting. I guess that is one good thing…..

  3. He is so sweet! He does actually look like he’s trying to figure out what to do with these things.

    Erika B

  4. How cute is he – I think the food on his face add character!

  5. this is too sweet, really LOVE his expression in the third image!

  6. That’s adorable! It’s always frustrating when those puffs get away from you. My little one would agree too. 😉

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