A Milestone has been reached

Look at my baby!!!! We just discovered he can do this today! How proud I am of the little guy. Gosh, it’s not going to be long before he’s walking-then running, and finally able to keep up with his big brother. I watch him now and I can tell he wants to be able to so bad. It frustrates him to no end when he’s crawling as fast as he can and before he gets to where he’s going we’ve all moved on.

Way to go Easton! You’re getting to be such a big boy!

***Trendy Treehouse is hosting a photo challenge this week and the theme is brown….I couldn’t help but to think this picture n would fit right in***

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On another note we had a very lazy weekend….When I say lazy-I’m truly not kidding. I got out of my pj’s on saturday for a couple of hours but other than that….It was lounging all the way. That is totally unlike us. We’re normally running around so much that I often wonder where my weekend really went.

Well on this lazy weekend Keagan happened to request some ice cream sandwiches. I’m sorry but going to the store was not on the agenda so we made do with what we had….Which was, warm baked cookies straight from the oven with a bit of chocolate ice cream sandwiched in between. They were a hit!

The Paper Mama

Also this weekend we hit another milestone for the year…..Our first frost! It was beautiful but I’ll tell you flat out….I’m not ready for the cold!


While I’m at it I wanted to show thanks on this 8th day of my 25 days of thanks challenge to milestones…..Such small things in the scheme of the rest of the world can be such a big deal to our tiny lives. They can take an ordinary day and turn it into a day you’ll remember forever.


14 responses to “A Milestone has been reached

  1. ohmygah – that hat! He is so cute and your oldest with those eyes, just precious! We had a hard frost on Saturday morning around here – didn’t get any photos because we were on a mission to get donuts! Have a great week, Jessica!

  2. Awww. Lil Easton! How sweet!

  3. Nice blog. Cute baby. Gorgeous picture of frosted grass. Very well done!

  4. Congratulations Easton! Don’t rush cause you have plenty enough time to grow up.

    Cool shot of the frosted grass. For your sake I hope it will not get cold any time soon.

  5. I can’t believe we haven’t seen you since February! Easton will be a toddler officially when we see you and celebrate Thanksgiving and our birthdays at Michaels…can’t wait!

  6. Love those baby-blues on the food pic! So cute!!!

  7. Aw! what a cute picture! and thoses eyes!! oh lady killer for sure;)

  8. I love how you took the time to recognize those daily milestones that we often take for granted. I thought of this post this morning when I was at the grocery store…Kate rode in the seat of the buggy for the first time today while Elena walked beside us. They grow up TOO FAST!

  9. Oh my gosh, its cold enough for frost already!! Love the little crystals of ice!

  10. Soooo exciting! And, look at how cute he is standing…and wearing that hat. Adorable!

    And, I hear you on the frost. I tried to cover my garden, but it was just too much. 😦

  11. That first shot is so adorable.

  12. Great shots! And you are right…that shot of your little one in front of the tree is just perfect for “brown”.

    Erika B

  13. I love your macro shot. Gorgeous!

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