We’ve almost made it!!!

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am for Christmas….Oh let me see, I think I have a time or two….but we’re almost there!! Tonight Keagan is staying off at Nana’s house so we took the opportunity to pull everything down from the attic, make sure everything is wrapped….Count all the presents because yes, I am one that presentation is everything! Each present may not be something huge but I want them to walk into the living room and think WOW! I’ve gone through each of the boys stocking stuffers….and at last, I think I am ready! Not only are Keagan and Easton going to be excited by Christmas this year but a little someone told me that Santa is also going to unexpectedly leave Aaron and I a gift or two….or three…and I can’t wait to see Aaron’s face too. 🙂 What fun! Now just get me through the rest of the work week and I’ll be okay!

Also to top it off….We’re being threatened by the chance of a white Christmas. Don’t think for one minute I’m not watching the forecast on an hourly basis. 😉

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Christmas Cards….

I love Christmas cards. They provide the perfect decoration every year and the fun thing about it is you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve been staring at my Christmas cards all day. Each & every one of them have their own personality and match so well to the family they came from. We received a coffee mug card from my sister and family who in my mind are famous for their love of coffee. We received a snowman card accompanied by  little birdies which would only fit my parents & their love for watching the birds. Only a football card would come from my friend in Colorado and as often as my other sister visits the beach in NY it was only logical for her family to send a card with my precious nephews on the beach. We’ve received several Christmas cards this year and I have enjoyed taking the time to look at each and every one of them and thinking about the thought process in picking out or creating them. I thank all my friends and family for sending them to me. They truly complete a perfect decoration that otherwise my home would be absent of.

**Last but not least…I may not be around much this week…Between work and Christmas-it’s a very very busy week!!**

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Monkeying Around

This weekend seems to be dragging on forever!!! I’m not one to normally wish my weekend away but with it being only 6 days until Christmas-I’m just ready to get the ball rolling, get the next week of work over with and move on to what I’ve been looking forward to for over a month now.

To try and keep mine uh, I mean our minds off of the exciting weekend heading our way we decided to take a trip to Monkey Joe’s. It was Easton’s first trip there but he was a pro in no time…Keeping up with the older kids there, no problem. 😉

**The karate kid**

**Easton seeing….**

**…and then doing.**

**A Brother is a friend given by Nature**

Coooookie Crrrrriiiisp.

The boys are completely opposite when it comes to their choice in foods. Keagan’s favorite cereal is rice chex. At a party he always asks for some cake and ice cream but then only takes one bite and is ready to move on to something else. He prefers fruit over candy and would eat a salad over chips any day. I brought a Christmas cookie home for him the other day. He was very excited over it-took one look at it, said, “Thanks!”, placed it on the  kitchen table and never had another thought about it. Easton….He on the other hand enjoyed it maybe a little too much! 😉

He has a look of guilt because he knows that he has about taken out the whole cookie! 🙂

and not once did Keagan ever come back looking for that cookie. It was forgotten about the second he walked away from it the first time.

The Paper Mama

Fa la la la la….

“Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay is the new bird, he sings a love song, as we go along, walking in a Winter Wonderland….”

Okay, so we aren’t exactly walking in a winter wonderland here….It’s cold, rainy, icy at times…..but one can always dream. I pulled up the 10 day forecast this afternoon and they actually have snow flakes coming down for the 25th! Really?? Yes, really! But as we all know the 1o day forecast can and will change a minimum of 10 times before that day actually arrives.

In the meantime I will go around the house & work singing my random Christmas songs and counting down the days!!

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Balmy Fall Day

One of the things I love the most about the South are the long Autumns, short mild Winters, and lovely Springs before leading into sweltering hot Summers. Where we live we are normally privileged enough to get one or two good snows each year but then once the fun starts wearing off the sun decides to come out and for the most part the snow is gone.

Here we are at the tail end of our Autumn. We are all dreaming of a White Christmas and apparently Old Man Winter could wait no longer to make a visit.

We have yet to have any snow but ice is a-plenty! This morning when I left the house the temperature was 11 degrees.


I have been eyeing this waterfall for days on my way to work….waiting to see what the water does in freezing temperatures. It was beautiful this morning and worth parking my car to get out and snap a few quick pictures before my fingers finally warned me that they were about to fall off!

A waterfall frozen in time….Literally.

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2010 Visit With Santa

I was so excited to take the boys to see Santa this year. Keagan has really gotten into the whole Christmas thing and all he’s talked about is, “When I see Santa I’m going to tell him I want this, and that, and this….” practically every thing he sees on TV or in a store. I saw that our city was doing a visit with Santa and a train ride at one of our local parks-hot chocolate and candy canes free and the train ride was only a $1. Perfect!!!

Well it ended up not turning out so perfectly:

Keagan was scared to get near Santa…And then tried to convince me that he wasn’t Santa but rather his brother….

The train ride wasn’t a huge hit….We had just watched The Polar Express the night before. I think that left Keagan disappointed that this train wasn’t really going to the North Pole. They did get some amusement over watching the train though.

The hot chocolate was delicious.

and apparently the candy canes were too. 😉

The Paper Mama

The boys also enjoyed playing on the playground and climbing on all the trees.

…and maybe next years visit with Santa won’t turn out quite so dramatic for Keagan…. 🙂