Out with the old….In with the new

Out with the old…for 2010 and in with the new for 2011. I got this ornament for Christmas and not only do I love it for what it is….A camera with my blog so crookedly written on it. Perfect! It gives it such character but it was also a perfect ending to such a great year and wonderful blog! I’ve enjoyed writing on this blog and have gotten to know some really great people. I’m preparing to print this one out into my first book for 2010, a nice memento to give the boys when they get a little older. With that being said though, I’ve also decided to change blogs. I’ve decided to try a different blog host and I’ve also decided to remove names just for safety reasons and to use little nicknames for my boys and the rest of us.

This new blog is certainly a work in progress. http://ourbeatenpath.blogspot.com/ I’m not wild about the header…I’m not sure how to use blogger and I’m going to miss all my old post. But just as I made this one my own in time I have no doubt that Our Beaten Path will become a great new home. No content is changing-I’ll still enjoying posting pictures, stories, and thoughts…It’s just the name.

Hopefully I’ll begin my new journey if not today then tomorrow to start the new year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Don’t forget to follow me on over to “Our Beaten Path!!”

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Blogging from Bolivia


6 responses to “Out with the old….In with the new

  1. I will miss this blog but yay for changes. I have made some myself. Going to check out and follow your new blog. 🙂

  2. i love that ornament!

  3. Good idea Jessica…changing the name, etc. I THINK I have been fairly anomynous…not printing my home town, etc. But I googled my name and I was SHOCKED at what came up! Even my posts on your Blog came up! I Googled “Lindaonwheels”.

  4. good luck with your new blog. I love your shot for macro friday.

  5. WOW! Congrats and good luck on the new blog! Blogger is really awesome once you get to know it, I’ll definitely become a new follower! And I also love your new lil ornament! How cute!

  6. Congrats on the new blog! I wish you lots of luck on it, and in everything in the New Year!

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