Happy 1st Birthday Big Boy!!

December 27. 2009….My life was officially complete. We were blessed with you, the most sweet, gentle, loving, kind-hearted little boy we could ever ask for. You are the perfect fit for our little family of four. You absolutely love your older brother, Keagan. Here you both are waiting for the cake while we all sang Happy Birthday to you.

You bring a smile to both Mommy & Daddy’s faces even in the most serious of times. You have learned so much this year. You’ve gone from being such a tiny little dependant baby to quite the little personality. Your favorite word is, “Ut Oh.” You are best friends with your paci. Your love for food is unreal! We call you our vacuum cleaner because you will down anything in front of your face. You love sweets which was quite opposite of your older brother. You love to give kisses but only on your terms. You crack me up with your little 2 ft self roaming the house babbling the whole time. Sleep is not your favorite and we still wake up most nights to entertain you in some way-even if it’s just to put  your paci back in your mouth and rub your little belly for a few minutes. Cars, cars, and more cars! You take after every other male in this house. You love anything with 4 wheels and would rather play with a car or truck than anything else in the house. The doggy, Boodro, always makes you smile. He is so sweet to you but I don’t blame him. He’s put on a good 5 lbs since you’ve learned that its fun to feed him!

Easton, you are my baby and will always be no matter what the age! I love you dearly and wish you the best Happy 1st Birthday you could ever have. You have a big busy year ahead of you! Let’s get ready to have some fun!! I love you. xoxo

 The Paper Mama


5 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Big Boy!!

  1. Adorable! So glad he had a good birthday and that he got to enjoy such a beautiful, yummy cake. Happy Birthday to your favorite one-year-old!

  2. So cute! I love the last photo. Happy Birthday Easton!

  3. Very cute, what a great time Christmas and 1st birthday!

  4. Awww im so honored to share a birthday with a handsome little guy such as him! Thanks for stopping by and leaving birthday wishes yesterday!!

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! 🙂

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