The other woman….

My one year old has a “girlfriend”….It is incredibly sweet. When I drop off in the mornings he goes straight over to her and when I pick up in the afternoon they are always playing together. I hear during the day they are like their own little Bonnie & Clyde. Where one is creating trouble the other isn’t far behind. I think this is so absolutely the cutest and I was so shocked when I picked Easton up today to walk in to a gift from his bestie…. Little Bailey had a fun little dump truck waiting on Easton. So cute and he loved it!!

I have no doubt that he is growing up to be just like his older brother. His love for cars and trucks is unmistakable.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk


2 responses to “The other woman….

  1. A darling photo and the cutest story…thanks for making me smile!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Such a cutie!
    Both of my boys started off with girl besties. I think it’s so cool. 🙂

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