We’ve almost made it!!!

Have I mentioned yet how excited I am for Christmas….Oh let me see, I think I have a time or two….but we’re almost there!! Tonight Keagan is staying off at Nana’s house so we took the opportunity to pull everything down from the attic, make sure everything is wrapped….Count all the presents because yes, I am one that presentation is everything! Each present may not be something huge but I want them to walk into the living room and think WOW! I’ve gone through each of the boys stocking stuffers….and at last, I think I am ready! Not only are Keagan and Easton going to be excited by Christmas this year but a little someone told me that Santa is also going to unexpectedly leave Aaron and I a gift or two….or three…and I can’t wait to see Aaron’s face too. 🙂 What fun! Now just get me through the rest of the work week and I’ll be okay!

Also to top it off….We’re being threatened by the chance of a white Christmas. Don’t think for one minute I’m not watching the forecast on an hourly basis. 😉

Wordish WednesdayLovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire


4 responses to “We’ve almost made it!!!

  1. Isn’t it exciting!? I’ll say a little prayer that it’s very white for you guys, as we’re experiencing a “warm up” in GA. 🙂

    Have a ton of fun and a Merry Christmas. XO!

  2. I can hardly believe that Christmas is just days away…

    Have a blessed Christmas!! =)

  3. LOVE these photos! Nice reflection you got there!

  4. Almost here! Yay! We barely ever get a white Christmas here! I’d love one.

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