Monkeying Around

This weekend seems to be dragging on forever!!! I’m not one to normally wish my weekend away but with it being only 6 days until Christmas-I’m just ready to get the ball rolling, get the next week of work over with and move on to what I’ve been looking forward to for over a month now.

To try and keep mine uh, I mean our minds off of the exciting weekend heading our way we decided to take a trip to Monkey Joe’s. It was Easton’s first trip there but he was a pro in no time…Keeping up with the older kids there, no problem. 😉

**The karate kid**

**Easton seeing….**

**…and then doing.**

**A Brother is a friend given by Nature**


3 responses to “Monkeying Around

  1. Now that that’s all done…let’s see…yup, still 6 days ’til Christmas.

  2. We love Monkey Joe’s…okay…we love any-and-all “bouncie places”, as Sam has always called them. Love these captures!

  3. Looks like fun! We have a Monkey Joes’ not far from us, but we have not been in quite a while…Charlotte’s not too into that kind of stuff, but I can totally see Bennett going nuts in a place like that 🙂

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