Our Elf on a Shelf….

So Keagan has an elf….and well his name is, Elf. He was introduced to our family last year after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving this little guy randomly showed up at our door. For the next 30 days he would hide out around the house during the day and then at night he’d fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa how Keagan did for the day. Christmas Eve last year was the last time we saw him because then on Christmas morning he went back home to be with his Elf brothers and sisters for the rest of the year.

Well guess what……He’s back!!! We got back from the family’s house on Thanksgiving and lo and behold there he sat in the middle of a plant. The little guy is quite the character…We find him in all sorts of random spots. Each morning Keagan wakes up and runs around the house to see if he can spot where he is for the day. Here are some of the random spots we’ve found him:

Not only does he provide a fun game of hide and seek around the house but he also leaves little treats. Everyday there is a new piece of candy in the advent calendar and on one occasion while Keagan was at school he dressed his room up for Christmas. What a nice surprise that was for him!!

We love our elf! It’s a great reminder for the whole month of December that Keagan better mind his P’s and Q’s because each night when the elf flies home to speak with Santa a good report is always wanted!! 😉

I’ve even been told by a little birdie elf that Easton may be lucky enough to get one next year….

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7 responses to “Our Elf on a Shelf….

  1. I want to do this next year. I am going to have to look for him. I think it is so cute. We don’t have many traditions yet.

  2. We love our elf, too! Once Sam finds him, he hides him again for me. Love the collage!

  3. What a wonderfully cool tradition! My boys would LOVE this! BTW, I’m SO glad to hear that your baby is feeling better. I’m sure you were scared to death!!! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. I think we’re the only house in our neighborhood without an elf on one of our shelves!!! We talked about doing it this year, then forgot…such a cute idea 🙂

  5. I am really upset that my own sister does feel I am not important enough to have a picture on her blog!!!!

  6. Love the Elf on the Shelf! We also have an Elf, named Buddy. My son loves him! Thanks for linking up.

  7. LOL! I know someone else who does this and I can tell you I sure wish I had thought to try it when my kids were little.

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