Getting good at this sick thing….

Easton has been the picture perfect model for a healthy baby until recently. I feel like every other week now I’m calling into work because yet another bug has gotten a hold of him.

Last night was honestly the worst night I’ve had since becoming a mom 4 years ago. We had constant crying here from about 9:30 pm and it’s still going on. My poor little guy just isn’t feeling good….And since I’m staying home with Easton I also let Keagan stay home from daycare too. I’m glad I did. He is being such a big helper! When I walked back into the room from pouring more coffee I couldn’t help but to grab my camera and capture this sweet moment.



8 responses to “Getting good at this sick thing….

  1. I knew that he was going to be a HUGE help to you in raising Easton….What a good Big Brother! My Big Brother is now 65, but is always there to help me when I need advice or to do something that Terry could not begin to know how to do! He was my Protector and Defender growing up, and when I started dating, he told me who I should NOT date! I’m sure the Brother/Sister dynamic is different than the Brother/Brother one, but it is life long! My first husband was an only child and he told me that my brother and I were “always fighting with each other”. We never fought! It was just normal borther/sister picking on each other…. He just didn’t “get” it! We have stopped picking little fights for fun, ( I think now that we are old we just don’t have the energy) but, but it is so good to have a husband now who understands the bond between siblings! AND, my brother is the ONLY one who calls me “Linda Carol”! I am so glad that Keagan and Easton will have one another to grow up and grow old with! And there is just the right amount of age between them!

  2. That last foto is sooo sweet! I sure hope he is feeling better very soon. XO!

  3. Heaven help you…that is tough. I can see the fever in his little rosy cheeks. We just got hit with a bug today, my daughter and husband are both sick. Praying I don’t get it or Bennett either. Sending lots and lots of well-wishes and healthy vibes your way!!!

  4. Special moments happen at the least expected times….you could have never planned for that sweet capture….sorry he’s sick! Both shots very special.

  5. Awww, poor guy. I hope he’s starting to fell better soon.

  6. That is such a sweet and precious moment to capture. So sorry to hear he is not feeling well.

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  8. This is so sweet. Glad you all figured out what was going on.

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