Recovering from a food overdose

Thanksgiving and my birthday were great! We traveled to my brothers and had a combination of several different families all join together as one. The food was delicious, seeing everyone was fabulous, and then my baby stole the show by taking his first….and then later his first 14 steps! I’m so proud of the little guy!  We have several videos of the moment and I also have several pictures to sort though. I don’t have time to get to them today but wanted post a beautiful picture I took on Wednesday of the gorgeous flowers we had at my office.

Also I was tagged by Dina at 4 Lettre Words to answer a few questions and then keep the game going  by tagging a few more of my fellow bloggers…So let’s check out the questions and get started:

1. If you could live anywhere what city would you choose? Well without being too boring I actually LOVE the city that I live in. There is so much to do with the kids and it’s a beautiful place all 4 seasons. I, however, have always dreamed of moving to a small northern fishing town-maybe in Maine-and owning a coffee/bookstore. It’ll never happen but I can still dream. 😉

2. What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate cake. No matter how full I am I can never bring myself to pass that up!

3. What is the one thing you hope your boy(s) learn from you? This is a tough one…Hobby wise, I would love for them to be a talented photographer or gardener. Personality wise, my cleanliness.

4. If you could have a celebrity blog follower who would it be? Oh gosh….Um, I think Kelly Ripa…I love her!

Now I will send the following questions to:

Life with the Lyngs
Mallard Cove Mommy
& Loving my Life
1. If you had to eat one thing for dinner every night for a year what would it be?

2. If you were to describe yourself using an animal which one would you be?

3. What is your favorite holiday?

4. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Thanks for playing and reading! See you tomorrow!

Blogging from Bolivia


10 responses to “Recovering from a food overdose

  1. Great colour! Pretty!

  2. gorgeous color in your macro. Well done!

  3. LOVE that macro…and your answers! So glad you played along!!

  4. That is such an autumnal set of colours in your lily – lovely.

  5. Aren’t lilies absolutely fabulous! Beautiful!

  6. I love this one! So pretty.

  7. Cool, Jessica – I will play along and get a post up soon. And YAY for first steps!

  8. Beautiful shot! I’ve never seen a lily in that shade of orange before… so lovely!

  9. I love those lillies, so pretty!

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