24th Day of Thanks….

Well I truly did save my heart for last….His name is Aaron:

Simplicity Photo Challenge: Thankful-My husband….

They claim opposites attract and I can’t argue this point when it comes to my husband and I. I am the erratic one and I am thankful that he keeps me grounded. I am the shy one and I’m thankful that he pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me in social events. I am the impatient, quick-tempered, spontaneous one and he pushes me back down a notch when needed. I don’t know what I would do with out my husband. He is the other half-the perfect fit to the puzzle. He is an awesome father and it shows. My two boys think he could rope the moon….and so do I. God knew what he was doing when he sent Aaron in the vet with his crazy dog, Harley….And I just so happened to be his receptionist. God knew what he was doing when Aaron moved to Georgia to finish up school and I so crazily followed….And I am so thankful that I did! On this 24th Day of my 25 Day Challenge-I dedicate it to my husband, Aaron.

***”And he bowed his head to Jesus and he stood for uncle Sam….He only loved one women, was always proud of what he had…He said his greatest contribution is the one you leave behind….Raised on the ways and gentle kindness of a small town southern man”***

This actually concludes my 25 Days of Thanks Challenge. I know I’m ending it a day short. I have other plans for my post tomorrow (Thanksgiving & My Birthday). I really enjoyed doing this challenge though. It really made me open my eyes to not only the obvious things but also the small daily things I am thankful for each day. 25 days is not near enough time to show thanks to everything in my life. My awesome siblings, in-laws, friends, house, etc. This was just a small glimpse. I thank Mallard Cove Mommy for putting this challenge together!

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12 responses to “24th Day of Thanks….

  1. This is so sweet! And it is almost exactly how my husband and I are too, as far as how we’re opposites. Crazy how God puts people together, isn’t it?! 🙂

  2. A wonderful man to be thankful for! I’m sure your life is richer with him in it. :0) Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Oh, I love this, Jessica! Y’all are so blessed. (And, I’m so happy to have found you!) That last photo is priceless.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love this! What a blessing it is to be married to someone who you cherish and adore. Beautiful pictures of fall…and of love : )

  5. Looks like so much fun! Great photos.

  6. I have to add one: Thanks for YOU, Jessica! We are so proud of you and happy for you…you and Aaron have provided the boys with such a full and wonder-filled childhood so far and I am sure you will continue to do so! Watching you grow into such a mature and well rounded young woman is such a delight to me and your Dad! We never doubted it for a minute…..You have maturity beyond your years!
    My only complaint is that we don’t get to see you as often as we would like. I wished we lived closer to one another, but I think that y’all made the perfect decision when you were looking for a place to live. Do you know how rare that is? Most people just “end up” where they happen to land, ony living in the place of their choice when they retire….God has blessed you and your family and US. Love you all so much!

  7. what lovely shots and a lovely post.

  8. I love that first picture, nice job combining black and white and color.

  9. Jessica,
    I can’t thank you enough for joining in this challenge with me and opening your heart to me and your blogging friends. I thank God for putting you across the street from us and pray we’ll have lots of time together to make some great memories! Much love to you and your sweet family today and always!

  10. Such a beautiful post to read! I just love that first shot.

    Erika B

  11. Thanks so much for linking up!! 🙂

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