Scavenger Hunt Sunday…..

It’s time again for yet another Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by the one and only Ashley Sisk over Ramblings & Photos….

Let’s get started!

The five hunt items for this week were: The View Above, Something Hot, Something Cold, Electronics, and Sparkle.

1. The View Above:

I have been waiting for the full moon all month! I actually got a really good picture of it last night that I may post for Macro Monday but I also wanted a picture of it while the sun was starting to come up. I got so wrapped up in cooking breakfast this morning and I almost missed it….

2. Something Hot:

This one was a no brainer for me. We either have a fire going in our fireplace or we’re sitting out by the fire pit almost nightly. I took this picture last night when we had the fire going nice and strong.

3. Something Cold:

I could have taken a picture of my FREEZING feet this morning while I was standing outside barefoot trying to get a snapshot of the moon….but instead I settled for a piece of ice.

4. Electronics:

What did I ever do without my iPhone? It is practically connected to my hip! And the game pictured above is one of my favorite games that I play with my brother on a regular basis. As you can see he is winning….Which seems to be the norm.

5. Sparkle:

I took this picture yesterday while we were playing in the leaves. I love the way the sun is peeking itself in between the holes of the tree.

Well that’s it for this Sunday. See you next week!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


15 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday…..

  1. I love your view and your sparkle! I have yet to get an iphone…I hear that are addicting 😀 Waiting for my phone to kick the bucket and then I will assess 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting weeks for the full moon aswell but I’m hoping that tonight it won’t be shrouded in cloud. You shot is lovely .

  3. These are all great – I almost photographed a piece of ice too. Your sparkle shot is too cool. Well done on capturing the moon. It’s gorgeous!

  4. Great photos! I am glad you settled on the ice picture instead of frozen feet!

  5. These are awesome! Love that moon shot especially and giggling over the fact you could have shot your freezing feet! 🙂

  6. Love your moon shot and that sparkle one is pretty.

  7. I love the sparkle photo. Did you use a lens baby or what? It’s great.

  8. I love the sun shining through the trees, it’s an absolutely perfect photo!

  9. Your sparkle picture is very unique and colorful.

  10. These are great, Jessica! LOVE the hot-shot.

  11. Funny story, I almost did the ice shot myself. Until I realized that my heat was set too high and couldn’t keep it in solid form. Ha! These are nicely done. Great job! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my ring!! It’s actually my engagement ring. I didn’t want it bigger, so I just kept it as a wedding set. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. great photos. I really like your ice.

  13. Great shots!!! I love the first two the most!!!!

  14. All of your photos are stunning! Great job!

  15. These are great. I really love your hot photo. That sun is gorgeous!

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