Macro Monday & other Misc…

I was getting this post ready for Monday and realized I didn’t do a day 21 “thanks” for my 25 day challenge. I certainly don’t have the energy to muster up something now but I must say today I would have to give thanks to my Mother in Law. She helps us oh so often in so many areas! Just today for example she’s taken Keagan to entertain so we could start & finish our Christmas shopping. Which I am SO happy to have done! And I’m also so excited on everything we got for the boys!!

Anyways, I thought I would just throw a few randoms up for today/tomorrow. As I mentioned I’m tired and I’m sure everyone knows how Christmas shopping in the crowds can zap you!

Micro Monday….

This is a tiny little dew drop on our cabbage plant and in the dew drop was an even smaller gnat….Pretty neat picture I thought.

Here are a few more randoms from our leaf adventures…Still more photos of that to come!

And on the 22nd day of my challenge I want to show thanks for my dog, Boodro. He is honestly the best dog we could ask for! He came from the shelter totally potty trained and kennel trained. He loves the boys. He has never snapped at either one of them when they pull his ears, pin him down, steal his food…He patiently waits for us to return home every day after work and can’t wait to sit in our laps when we’re settled for the night. He is the neighborhood dog and loves to go visit everyone yet knows where the love is when he comes home. We love Boodro and could not have chosen a better dog to fit our family!!



6 responses to “Macro Monday & other Misc…

  1. That’s a great picture of Boo! And, i love Easton’s eyebrows in that first leaf pile pic… how sweet!

  2. Fantastic Macro! And sweet photos in the leaves!

  3. Eww…Christmas shopping…blah. lol I love that photo! How lucky to have the gnat there at just the right time.

  4. a great macro!
    and a lovely family

  5. a surprising macro ! a bug in a droplet on a cabbage !!!

  6. That Macro is awesome! How cool!

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