A day in the leaves…..

I love this picture!!! It was taken today while we were playing in the leaves. The bright orange background is from the bright orange leaves falling from the most gorgeous tree in our yard!

And speaking of those leaves, we decided that it was time to rake them up and get a few jumps in. As you can imagine I took loads of pictures and so many of them came out to my liking. I’ll be posting them here and there all week.

This picture I wanted to link to the SOOC Sunday link up. (Straight Out Of Camera)….in other words no edits. On all my other pictures I add my watermark, a border, maybe sharpen it here or there, adjust the exposure, etc but even without doing any of that this picture to me is just gorgeous!

I’m linking this picture up to Paper Heart Camera. This weeks theme is “View From Above….” I can only imagine what my big boys view is as he prepares to come crashing down on a giant pile of leaves.

Last but certainly not least is a very rare family of 4 photo! This hardly ever happens and actually I think it turned out pretty good!

There are several more Fall Leaf Photos to come over the next week. I just thought since there were so many I might as well split them up.

Oh and let me not forget to throw out a BIG thank you to Paper Heart Camera for featuring this photo as a favorite in the theme, “From Where I’m Sitting!” I am truly honored!!

Straight out of the camera, not photo editingPhotography love...Ni Hao Y'all


9 responses to “A day in the leaves…..

  1. Really cool shots…wonderful family portrait, and I love the color transitions in the SOOC leaf shot.

  2. Great time of year for fun photos. Love the family shot.

  3. Love these shots, autumn colours are beautiful and they make a great backdrop for your family! (via SOOC)

  4. Wonderful! Playing in the autumn leaves is great fun.

  5. We played in the leaves today, too! LOVE the family portrait.

  6. love the boys in the leafs!

  7. Great photos! My girls LOVE to play in the leaf piles as well 😉

  8. That is a beautiful photos of your kids burried under those dried leaves


  9. So beautiful… I love the beauty of autumn!!!

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