Macro Friday: Broccoli

Broccoli has always been my favorite vegetable so I’m not sure why but this year has been our first attempt at growing it in our own backyard garden. I have been so excited by the outcome. What a neat vegetable. My whole life while eating it I’ve never once thought about what a broccoli plant would look like growing. How it would just randomly start appearing from a crevice in the plant. I’ve never taken the time to think that each little ball on the end of the “tree” part was actually a very tiny little flower bud just waiting to bloom. This vegetable is not only delicious to eat but absolutely fascinating to watch grow.

Blogging from Bolivia


22 responses to “Macro Friday: Broccoli

  1. How clever! I love it.

  2. Who knew broccoli could be beautiful. Love your shot.
    Hope you have a great Friday.

  3. That’s my favorite veggie, too! It tastes so much better out of your own garden, also. Your post makes me wish we had planted our fall garden:(

  4. So beautiful and so good for you.

  5. This year was our first attempt at growing broccoli as well. Unfortunately, our outcome was not as beautiful looking as yours… 🙂

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen broccoli in it’s early stages. Very beautiful!

  7. I love what you have done here, what a great subject for macro and I love how it has a slight purple tinge to it, a wonderful shot.

  8. wow, beautiful! I’ve never looked at broccoli so close–wonderful.

  9. I want a bite.

  10. This looks really beautiful!

  11. Yum! I’m a fan! cool macro of it!

  12. VERY COOL! Broccoli… not my fave, but really a pretty vegetable!

  13. This is one beautiful broccoli plant! I, too, love broccoli. You’ve made a much-maligned veggie into a very good-looking item! 😉

  14. What an awesome photo. Wonderful detail.

  15. I love this shot! You’ve got me thinking about broccoli, which I eat a lot, in a new way. I’ve never really LOOKED at it and thought of all those little buds turning into flowers.

  16. I love broccoli too! Your photo is beautiful with perfect color and light. I grew broccoli many years ago and I was amazed at it too!

  17. Great macro! Broccoli is one my favorites too! You little boy is precious and I hope he is feeling better!

  18. Oooo!! It’s so pretty!

  19. Beautiful! Love the soft texture to it.

  20. …not to mention how it is a “super” food, too –health-wise! 🙂

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