25 Days of Thanks: Day 18….Our yard

Our yard right now reminds me of…..a bag of Skittles….or maybe a box of Crayons. Either way, I just love it! Our yard is pretty no matter what the season. Blooming with flowers in the spring, a sea of green in the summer, a gorgeous array of colors in the fall, and in the winter it provides the perfect play area for our family.

These pictures were taken today while I was home with my sick little Keagan. I thought our trees were turning a little late and maybe they are….but I’m still just as excited! I can’t wait until we can rake up the leaves and jump in them.

On this 18th day of November I am so thankful for our yard!!! It was such an important part of our search when we were looking for a home to buy and I don’t think we made a mistake in this choice.


5 responses to “25 Days of Thanks: Day 18….Our yard

  1. It looks so open and wonderful. I bet your kids have a great time running around out there. Hope your little man gets to feeling better real soon!

  2. Can’t wait for ya’ll to pile the leaves so the neighbors can enjoy the fruits of your labor:)

  3. 🙂 We can’t wait also!! We’re thinking maybe this weekend enough will have fallen to start piling them up!

  4. I love it too! We live in an apt now, so no yard but i’m still crazy attached to my parents yard, so many great trees! Your pictures are so pretty, those colors! love the low angle shots, nice!

  5. Isn’t the orange amazing this year!? I know my family is SO tired of hearing me say, “Look at that one. Oh, look at that one.” :o)

    Hope Keagan is 100% very soon!

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