Nature in our own backyard….

An acorn….

A simple acorn that Keagan loves to complain about hurting his feet….Little did he know there was so much more involved in a little acorn. He learned today. It was really neat to watch the wheels in that little head turn….

“Look, Look, Look”, he says!! He even enjoyed digging his own up! We have so many in our yard…Its a wonder our backyard isn’t a forest already.

It is so amazing to me, to Aaron, to Keagan-that such a little nut can turn into such a gorgeous tree. Into a tree where we make family memories. Where we swing on our tire swing…we play in the shade and we watch in amazement each year as this tree continues to amaze us.

On this 15th day of November I give thanks to Nature. It is such an important part of our families lives…



16 responses to “Nature in our own backyard….

  1. Very earthy!! I like it! I especially like your acorns! Hoping you’ll have a grand week!

  2. Lovely post….and it is amazing!

  3. Awesome series of shots. I love acorns & oak trees.

  4. we used to love collecting acorns at my nanna’s when we were kids.

  5. great shots of fall

  6. Lovely shot´s on the acorn´s and tree !
    Great little story too 🙂

  7. I know what you mean about the acorns making tiny trees…we have that problem also.

    Excellent photos.

    My Macro is in a NUT SHELL

  8. Wonderful – now they really will understand that ‘great oaks from little acorns grow’.

  9. That is a nice post to go with your acorn pictures. I wonder if Aaron will still complain about them, though. Do you have a nature lover in the making?

  10. Terry has 3 Live Oaks (about 3 1/2 ft. now) that he started from acrons (from that “Live Oak Forest” at the Reserve Plantation in Litchfield) a few years ago. They are planted in the middle of our raised bed in the back yard. So Cool!

  11. These are great! I love them.

  12. This is great and so true!

  13. molly's country memories

    We have a large pin oak beside our house and the squirrels love the acorns off of it. Great shots.

  14. Oh, he’s cute! Yes, it’s startling to realise they start so small, isn’t it? From little acorns mighty oak trees grow …

  15. It’s so fun watching them learn, helping them discover. :0)

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