25 Days of Thanks: Day 13

Today I am showing thanks towards my boys’ school (daycare). I would love nothing more in the world than to be able to stay home with my babies but in our family that is not practical. Our only other option is to find a place we can take them where I feel 100% confident that they are getting the love, safety, education, and social interaction that we want them to have.

When we moved to this area after buying our home both Aaron and I searched and searched. We even asked the boys Nana to get in on the search since she has years of experience teaching 4 year olds. I believe we went to every possible daycare around and at the end of the day still didn’t feel satisfied with our outcome.

Finally a decision had to be made and I picked the Sunshine House right up the road from us. Something about it made me have a sense of ease when I would leave there after visiting each time.

What a great decision I think we’ve made! The baby room is so loving to Easton. They have literally watched him from a itsy bitsy baby to the toddler he is quickly becoming. They’ve witnessed his milestones with me and get just as excited as I do when he hits one.

Keagan’s class is both educational and fun. He has learned so much since being there. Sometimes things come out of his mouth that I am completely shocked he knows and I give all that credit to his teacher and school. He has made great friends there and at the end of the day he comes home happy and excited to tell me about his day.

I feel like the school is one big family. All the teachers & directors know me and my family. They speak to us as we’re walking down the hall, they ask my opinion on dates of field trips, fundraisers, etc, and they take care of Keagan and Easton while both Aaron and I are at work during the day.

So on this 13th day of November I give thanks to the boys school.


One response to “25 Days of Thanks: Day 13

  1. It’s so nice when you can find that place where you feel comfortable leaving your children. I bet they have so much fun playing with their friends during the day, and is there nothing better than picking them up and seeing their smiles that are so happy to see you?

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