25 Days of Thanks: Day 9

On this 9th day of November I feel the need to give thanks to my job. When Aaron and I up and decided on a whim to move to this area neither of us had a job lined up. We knew it felt right and decided to make the plunge. Within days of that decision I randomly decided to fax my resume to the employer I’m still with. One thing led to another and as of day one of making our big move I knew where I would be working.

No job is perfect and I won’t say that I wake up in the mornings just over-joyed to head in for the day but I do at least count my blessings for the job I have. With the recession that this country is going through so many folks who were in such a great place in their lives have watched it go from perfect to struggling just to put food on the table in a matter of a year or two. People who have worked their entire lives to build the career they have and the credit they’ve worked for have watched all that wash down the drain. My family has been fortunate. Aaron did get laid off in July of 2009 but was lucky enough to be offered a job within a month. Others have not been so lucky. My job has been there for me through thick and thin. They have adjusted my hours to help me work around what suits my family the best. They try their best to give me any time off that I request and are very considerate when I can’t make it in due to illness in the family. Even when Aaron’s job was on the line and we didn’t know how long we’d be a one income family, we at least knew that we would have my income coming in.

I’m so thankful I faxed my resume to them when I did. I’m so thankful for taking the plunge and moving to a wonderful part of this state….and I’m so thankful for waking up and having a job to go to each day.


2 responses to “25 Days of Thanks: Day 9

  1. Always wonderful to give thanks.

  2. There was a time for us about a year ago when my husband had just finished six years of graduate school and there were no jobs out there! I had just lost my part time music position and we were nervous for a few weeks before something came along for him – not to mention my son had just been born. I’ve never been more thankful for a job than we was offered a post-doctoral position; though it wasn’t a “real” job, it helped us make ends meet until he found something.
    A steady income is definitely something to be thankful for and it’s great that you’ve been given such flexibility with your job as well.

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