I was so excited when I found the photo challenge tonight for “Light”

Yes, maybe I am that strange cat that brings her camera to work….but when you work in a place where you have the opportunity to see such beauty, how could you not!? I hope I teach my boys to appreciate spotting the beauty in things like this.

It tickled me this morning when my oldest wanted to stand outside the car in the freezing cold to watch an airplane fly by in the dark sky. He was amazed at the lights and kept commenting on, “how cool those lights are!!” and I just watched him as we both forgot about the cold for a minute.



7 responses to “TMMAPC:Light

  1. This is AMAZING! Love the colours!

  2. Seriously, this is your work view? Do you know how incredible that is??? What a beautiful scene!
    I know what you mean about seeing the beauty in things – it is a gift that children have and adults often lose over time. I think my camera helps me stay focused on the beauty that surrounds me. HAve a great weekend!

  3. I think landscapes and sky scapes are your niche Jess! Well, and the action shots with the kids, ofcourse. But every photograher has their specialty…you really have an eye for landscapes. You ought to learn to use Adobe Photoshop…you could do some really cool art with your photos. (Not that they are not already art, they are.)

  4. Thanks Jacq, and actually you’ve hit bulleyes. I love taken pictures of my kids first and foremost but really I’m not that into taking pictures of people. I love taking pictures of landscapes….There is just so much beauty there! And I would love to learn Adobe Photoshop….It’s just overwhelming. Do you know how to use it?

  5. This is amazing. Love the colors. Great photo.

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