Macro Monday-Jelly….

We’re back! And we had so much fun! I have so many pictures to sort through from two different cameras. I need to figure out how to organize them and then post them so I can make the most of our trip. All in all it was great fun and we stayed very busy!

I want to get caught up on the house, laundry, and reading the other blogs I follow closely and then I’ll be back around to show off some of our adventures. 😉 I didn’t want to leave without posting a picture to the Macro Monday. I was truly mesmerized by these jelly fish while we were at the aquarium. More great photos from there to come…



10 responses to “Macro Monday-Jelly….

  1. Gorgeous!!

    Did you take that at the Ripley’s Aquarium? We LOVE that place!

  2. I did! That was our first stop when we got into Gatlinburg-Great aquarium!!

  3. That is a beautiful jellyfish!

  4. So innocently beautiful and inviting to be touched! :-O

  5. Gorgeous color and details.

  6. Those things are so cool; great photo – this one would work perfectly for Mellow Yellow Monday too! Glad you guys had a good trip – good luck getting caught up on the housework, I’m trying to do the same today!

  7. This is truly beautiful !!!

  8. Amazing photo… incredible colours…

  9. Very cool!! Love the color!

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