Gatlinburg TN Part I: Ripley’s Aquarium

We did so much on our trip and I took so many pictures that I thought it would be best to split it up into at least three parts….Aquarium, Water park, & Halloween & Misc.

Our very first stop when we got into Gatlinburg was Ripley’s Aquarium. We went there last year also but when I asked Keagan what he wanted to do once we got to the mountains the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “The aquarium!” So off we went!!

What a fun time! Some of our favorites were the jelly fish, shark, & penguins.

I also wanted to add this post into the 25 Days of Thanks Challenge! Join me over at

She’s put together a great challenge where you can post a day of thanks for the next 25 days. So often Thanksgiving is overlooked due to the over-commercialization of Halloween & Christmas when in reality Thanksgiving is such an important part of our heritage.

In this post I am truly thankful of how much Easton enjoyed the aquarium. I had no doubt that Keagan would but I thought we would push Easton around in his stroller and he’d be completely oblivious to the true enjoyment surrounding him. Boy did he ever surprise us! He wanted up to every tank we went to. It was really awesome watching my two boys have such a great time!



2 responses to “Gatlinburg TN Part I: Ripley’s Aquarium

  1. SO sweet! I love the shot of the boys’ silhouette with Easton’s little hand on the glass. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love these shots – I think the aquarium can offer such neat photo ops.

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