I walked outside this morning to grab my coffee cup and this was my view….WOW!

Of course, I come flying back into the house to grab my camera. I couldn’t let a crisp, beautiful morning like this pass me by.

Blogging from Bolivia


17 responses to “Moon

  1. wow!!!!!!! Great picture.

  2. This is AMAZING!!! I SO want a new lens (and camera) now!

  3. What a great shot! Such detail showing on the moon! Wow!

  4. WOW!!!! First – what lens did you use for this?! Amazing detail!! Second – how early do you get up?! 🙂

  5. Oh my wow! This is stunning!

  6. Stunning clarity. Amazing detail. That’s an absolutely amazing shot, Jessica. How long did you leave the shutter open to capture such detail!?

  7. wow awesome. I’ve attempted those MANY times but never has there been success. Beautiful.

  8. Really, really cool shot!

  9. found a “sky” linky for this shot if you’re interested:

  10. Like a couple of others, I would love to know how you took this shot! It’s amazing.

  11. Thank you everyone! I really didn’t do anything too special. It’s just the awesome camera I have. The Canon SX30 si. Love it!
    And Katie, you crack me up….Yes, I’m up at the crack of dawn. Morning beings early in this house!
    Thanks again, everyone!
    Oh and Heather, thanks for the link. I headed on over there!

  12. Well, that sure is amazing!

  13. This is stunning! You just keep getting better and better, Jessica. Love this so much!

  14. This shot is awesome! Your camera is pretty amazing. Any special lens? I could never get this shot with my cam. Great job!!!!

  15. absolutely stunning

  16. My jaw dropped when I saw this… amazing capture!

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