Wordless (ish) Wednesday


This post couldn’t possibly be wordless….My sweet boy is officially 10 months old today. How fast time flies! The picture above with myself & Keagan I was 7 months pregnant in. I was tired, irritable, uncomfortable, and thinking this baby in me was NEVER going to get here! Keeping up with a hyper 3 year old while struggling with my own issues & working full time were starting to take a toll. Aaron and I often joke about how it was he ever put up with me.

Wow, 1 year later and now I have a precious 10 month old!
Easton, you’ve become you’re own little man. You love to follow me everywhere I go and if I don’t acknowledge that you’re following me then you get upset. I love how I can go look at the garden and when I turn around to head towards the house I see your little head peeking up from the glass door.

You love your baths and as soon as you hear the water start you crawl as quickly as you can into the bathroom with pure excitement. You’re not a big eater which is totally opposite of your big brother Keagan. He was ready for “big boy” food as soon as I was willing to give it to him.

You are such a friendly fella and as of yet don’t show the extreme shyness that Keagan and I do. Maybe you’ll be more like your crazy daddy. Either way, I love you to pieces!

And what does this mean to all the rest of us…..Less than 2 months before Santa heads this way!!! Eeeeekkk

The Paper Mama

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

Wordish Wednesday

And while I’m at it….I might as well enter my sweet boys picture into Paper Heart Camera’s challenge….View from above. 😉

Photography love...


4 responses to “Wordless (ish) Wednesday

  1. Isn’t it amazing that the year is nearly gone!? Love that pumpkin belly…and the Tonka truck capture is so beautiful.

    Happy Wednesday to you and your men!

  2. Happy 10 months! I remember celebrating each month during the kids’ first year, too. =)

  3. Just love your view from above shot.

  4. Happy 10 months! My babe was 8 months yesterday. Time goes so fast. Hopped over from Aspire. Have a good day.

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