Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’ve been waiting for dark to come get some pictures to complete my scavenger hunt….And finally its here! I don’t believe I’ve ever waited for dark on a Sunday night. Normally I’m wishing for it to take it’s time.

Anyways, here we have it. The 5 items we went searching for today were: “The 5 Senses”, “Child/Children”, “Dining”, “Night”, & “Sky”….so let’s get started!

1. The 5 Senses: I chose this picture because I feel like it brought out all 5 of my senses. I could see an absolute gorgeous baby…I could smell the sleepy lavender baby wash on his body…I could hear the water splashing on his sweet little body….I watched him touch the water as he played in excitement….& I could anticipate the taste of his sweet clean kisses on my mouth as soon as I got him out….

2. Child/Children: Easy enough….My 4 year old son is always up to something that I can snap a picture of….I’m still waiting in dread for his first broken bone. 😉

3.Dining: Dining was quite easy! My husband is the grill master! Here we are having steaks & grilled squash, zucchini, & onions…YUM!

4. Night: This is what I was waiting on!!! We carved our pumpkins today & I knew we wouldn’t see the true effects until night fell….They look awesome! Daddy did the big “bat” one of Keagan’s & I did the small “ghost” one of Easton’s.

5.Sky: and last but certainly not least is a picture of the sky…I have almost become obsessed with taking pictures of the sky. God has made a beautiful thing!

Thank you Ashley @ for providing such an awesome Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


7 responses to “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. All of your photos were worth the wait! Love your jack o lanterns…and your 5 senses shot is great. Great work. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow, your son is so strong! Those jack-o-lanterns are wayyyyy cool and that sky shot? Simply gorgeous!

  3. Love your bath photo too! Really like the pumpkins!

  4. I love these! You can never go wrong with baby fingers and an awesome handstand!! Your pumpkins are great, too! Oh, and the sky! 🙂

  5. That was fun – great shots. Will have to join in sometime.

  6. Great shots, I love the pumpkin shot!

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