Waiting on the slugs to get drunk….

Yes (!), Help (!), we have slugs!!! And of course I’m not going to put the normal everyday chemical on them because of 1. We’re pretty serious about going as organic as we can & 2. Even if we weren’t going organic-the chemicals out there to kill slugs and snails are so harsh that I wouldn’t be interested anyways.

Here is a picture of my beloved kohlrabi that is obviously being eaten slowly but surely by one of these slimy beast….

I’ve been looking up organic solutions to this problem and lo and behold I find one that I couldn’t wait to try….Let’s get these boys drunk! Apparently they are drawn to the yeast in beer and hopefully if we’re successful then we’ll wake in the morning to the bad boy in the bottom of this beer bowl….

Hmmmm, so I have the trap set, the dark is here, and I’m getting ready to go to bed. I can’t wait to see what awaits me in the morning.

In the mean time we did have another visiter….It’s a slight hint of what my baby Easton is going to be for Halloween….It appears he may have left a trace of evidence behind. 😉

Guess if you can….I’ll post more pictures of him and the K-Man once the little one starts feeling better.

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10 responses to “Waiting on the slugs to get drunk….

  1. We used to do that when I was a kid!

  2. Hmmm…maybe a caterpillar? They like to eat my plants! I’m intereted in knowing if the beer works for the slugs. And, just an fyi, salt will kill them.

  3. Good luck with the slug entrapment ;-P Have a blessed weekend!

  4. As soon as its light out-I’m heading out to check the bowl. 🙂 And thanks Emily, I’ve heard salt but its not a great solution for the soil in the rest of your garden so I thought I would give beer a shot first.

  5. We had BAD slug problems. Used the beer and it worked some. We also got an organic powder that worked well.

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  7. Did you guys use Sluggo, Heather?

  8. I’ll check with Patrick…glad the beer helped.

  9. I hope you can be rid of the slugs for good! How funny that they are attracted to beer. 🙂

  10. Really, beer? Interesting!

    I’m all for the salt on them, too. Not really the most humane, but you probably won’t hurt your plants if you don’t overdo it!

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