First experience with pink eye….

Easton’s first true illness…..Out of all things it’s Pink Eye. I’ve taken him to the Dr. one other time after the daycare called me to tell me he had a slight fever and needed to go home. The Dr. said everything was fine except for he may be developing a slight ear infection and prescribed some antibiotics….Well I never gave them to him. I’m one to steer clear of antibiotics if they aren’t truly necessary. Well here we are with pink eye now and not just with antibiotics but antibiotic drops that I have to put into his eyes FOUR times a day! Wow! I see lots of fun in our future….

I stayed home from work today and will most likely do it again tomorrow. I also kept Keagan out as a little treat for him. I thought he would enjoy the break. While he was out as a treat we decided to make some treats during one of Easton’s much needed naps. 🙂

***Just an update since writing this last night…It appears that this is not going to go away without making a mark in the whole household. I am officially down for the count. I’ve never had pink eye & didn’t realize how much pain my little man was in yesterday. Let’s hope it makes its way with me & leaves the rest of us alone!***


5 responses to “First experience with pink eye….

  1. Did he catch this in Day care?

  2. Probably…. Its very contagious but often misdiagnosed and overdiagnosed…

  3. aaaww, poor kid! i made it 33 years without experiencing pink eye…then within days of my daughter picking it up at school both my husband and i had it. definitely NO fun, but the drops work pretty fast. hope everyone is doing better soon 🙂

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear about you and your little guy; I hope it passes quickly and things get back to normal soon!

  5. Oh gosh, I remember this. Both my kids had it at the same time, and it was nasty stuff. Then, I got it! I sure hope he’s all better soon.

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