In my heart….

I have two sweet boys who fill my heart to no end!!! This picture is just a sample of what fills my heart!
I love it for 2 reasons. 1. because it features my youngest son who I love, love, love-OF COURSE! 🙂

and 2….It has yummy apples-in the color green which represents me for so many reasons(!)….Garden, Growing, Being Green…..

Photography love...


18 responses to “In my heart….

  1. This is really great. Love the little hands on the apples!

  2. That first photo is so cool!

  3. Gasp! That first shot is amazing – love, love, love it!!!!

  4. Oh I didnt realize these were apples for a sec. I thought he was in a ball pin. I do love it though!

  5. I love the first one. Very cool perspective!

  6. Awww sweet! The green apples really pop!

  7. What a unique way of capturing the image. Love the first one!

  8. I love the colors! It’s a beautiful concept.

  9. Love these! Love the top view. Super Unique.

  10. Love the green apples, and what a sweet little guy. Great shot!

  11. Amazing colors…..great capture. 🙂

  12. These are so sweet! What a cutie you have! I love the first one 🙂

  13. These are great! Nice job!

  14. Did he try to bite it? I love the color. Nice!

  15. I love the perspective! And the color of the green apples. Great shot 🙂

  16. LOVE the color in this one.

  17. I really love that first picture! Why don’t you erase the second one so you will be eligible to win, k? : )

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