Wordless(ish) Wednesday….

This post will be nowhere near “Wordless” this Wednesday. I feel like this post is purely out of the magazine for kids called Highlights. Ever heard of it?? They always had a picture game in there where you picked out-What doesn’t belong…

Can you see all the things that DON’T belong in this picture…..If not, let me name a few…

  1. There is a banana tree in my yard!!! Yes, I’m still in disbelief!
  2. There is chocolate ice cream in a margarita glass rather than….well a margarita. 😉
  3. My son is sitting, yet again, by a tropical banana tree with a tropical umbrella and did I mention…It’s the middle of October…
  4. He doesn’t look as happy as I would be if my mom let me have chocolate ice cream before dinner….

I brought this umbrella home from work today and I couldn’t resist taking this picture! Now that the moment is over-what will I do with this crazy umbrella?? Lord only knows! Enjoy hump day!! We’re half way there!

The Paper Mama

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

Wordish Wednesday


10 responses to “Wordless(ish) Wednesday….

  1. Hilarious! Your commentary made it that much more so. He looks like he’s on vacation 🙂
    I don’t think I’d refuse ice cream OR a ‘Rita in a margarita glass – both are equally good in my book!

  2. O what a fun post! I’m sure that there must be a beach just on the other side of the fence! (Look in the sandbox!) Very creative!

  3. Too cute. Love everything about this picture. The color is beautiful and your little man is a doll! How do I get to this place where we get chocolate ice cream in a margarita glass?

  4. Hey there! I added a scrolling blogroll on my blog this morning and tried to put your button on it, but it’s not showing up. It just has a box that says something like Photobucket has removed this photo or something like that. Just wanted to let you know; I’d love to add your button to my list 🙂

  5. Could the “not so happy” look could be an “Agony Hour” look? Some day, just like you and Jacq, he will appreciate all of the “Agony Hour” photos!
    This should be on a postcard! Maybe even a Christmas Card…I might steal it since we actually LIVE at the beach!
    Hugs to all!

  6. Did you just invent the Chocolate Margarita? They make Chocolate liqueur.
    Might give it a try. With orange liqueur ( Grand Marnier is the best) added…I love chocolate and orange together.

  7. Oh! How fun! So comfy! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your commentary! So cute. This is such a great picture. We are here in long sleeves and jackets and your boy is sitting eatin’ ice cream from a margareta glass under a bananna tree. We are jealous!!

    p.s thanks for linking up for wordless wednesday 🙂

  9. Go here for help with your button

    Let me know if the link doesn’t work for some reason. Then let me know when it’s fixed so I can add it to my blog 🙂

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