Schrocksters Duo

I had no clue when I recruited Keagan to go on Sundays Scavenger Hunt ( with me how big of an impact it would have on his itty bitty ever-growing mind. I know he has always shown interest in taking pictures but I thought it was just because he thought it was fun to run around the house with a camera and see how many gazillion pictures it took before filling up the memory card.

This afternoon we were sitting outside (Yes, I was off-Thank you Columbus!) and all of a sudden he put down his cars and said, “Mommy, lets play the color game.” I had no clue what he was referring to and when I asked him what he was talking about he said very matter of factly, “You know, that game you go around with the camera and take pictures of different things or colors.” I was elated! What a great idea!! This time, unlike yesterday, I gave him his own camera and I took mine and away we went. I let him call out what color or item we were to take a picture of and we had a great time doing this together. In the end we took the pictures of each other that you see above. None of the pictures are really print or post worthy….but he’s 4! We’ve got a lot of time for him to learn and for me to train!! And for once my all American, loves to play with anything that includes dirt, cars, trucks, or bikes has an interest that he may have picked up from me. 😉


2 responses to “Schrocksters Duo

  1. That’s so sweet! Elena hasn’t asked to take pictures yet but she sure likes to smile for the camera. I think Patrick is getting me the online photo course for my Birthday. (the one offered by Maybe we could do it together.

  2. You left me a post asking if I thought you camera was good enough for the Photo Basics Course. I check it out and I believe you have everything on it that we will be discussing. Yours is what is called a hybrid point and shoot. It’s not a really a point and shoot and its not a DSLR, it’s an in-between. As long as you can change the Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and have the option of shooting manually then I can teach you how and when to use these.
    If you have any more question just contact me.

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