F is for…..

I look forward to doing the ABC Photo Challenge each week. This week we’re working on the letter F…

Two right off the bat that I wanted to post were:

F is for FINGERS….


F is for Fast Asleep…

For more great photos beginning with the letter F head on over to…


10 responses to “F is for…..

  1. Love your little figures photos they are so sweet. And you fast asleep is adorable. thanks for liking the challenge and for playing along.

  2. Tammy McChesney

    Your sleeping furry friend is so precious….but those tiny fingers are irresistable!

  3. precious pictures this week. those chubby fingers are too cute

  4. The picture of the little fingers is so precious. Love you F photos

  5. Fingers!! That’s a great one…and such a sweet capture.

  6. LOVE those cubby little fingers – and that apple looks so vibrant!

  7. Love the fingers shot so cute, holding the little apple wayyyyy to cute!

  8. Great shots both of them but I really like the one of the little fingers.

    Erika B

  9. Love’n those chubby fingers.

  10. I love both of these photos! What an awesome job!

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