Dirty Dozen….Clean Fifteen….-a MUST read!

Ever heard of the “Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen”????

If you haven’t-read further! This list contains the 12 foods that contain the most pesticides and the 15 foods that contain the least. Let’s face it, I know buying organic is expensive! You don’t have to tell me!!! I also know that it’s a proven fact that cancer is growing rampantly in our country, that girls are hitting puberty alarmingly earlier than they used too….8 years old, come on!

If you look up the known chemical residues in an apple….A SIMPLE APPLE~you will find there are 42 known residues.

  • 5 known or probable carcinogens!!! (which means-cancer causing or cancer promoting; childhood brain cancer is one example of a pesticide-linked cancer)
  • 19 suspected hormone disruptors!!! (which means-disruptive chemicals to hormones during critical stages of developing….also a leading cause of breast cancer!~after 10 years EPA officials are finally beginning to put a system in place to evaluate the hormoned-disrupting effects of certain pesticides….10 years too late if you ask me!)
  • 10 Neurotoxins!!! ( which means-developmental delays, short-term exposure can cause dizziness, seizures, or numbness….)
  • 6 Developmental/Reproductive Toxins!!! (which means-interferes with a person’s ability to reproduce, birth defects, and developmental effects)

After this whole list do you even remember what we were talking about!? AN APPLE!!!

Attached is a list of the “Dirty 12 & Clean 15.” I know organic is expensive and you can’t live your life chemical free but  you can at least minimize it as much as you can. One cheap way is to GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN!-we just purchased blueberry bushes today to include in our garden. I’m so very excited!

I also wanted to list two very helpful apps that I downloaded onto my iPhone. They are both free and don’t think for one minute that I haven’t pulled them out while I’m at the store for a quick reference.

App. 1~ Dirty Dozen

App. 2~ What’s in my food?

And for those of you who commonly say, “Well I’ll just wash my produce really well.” just to let you know…

Thousands of studies have been shown and what it boils down to is:

Rinsing reduces but does not eliminate

pesticides. Peeling helps, but valuable nutrients often go down the

drain with the skin. The best approach: eat a varied diet, rinse all

produce and buy organic when possible.

I really hope this helped educate some of you…and now I’m off to go enjoy some of my nice organic strawberries. 😉


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