I saw this photo challenge Wednesday and the theme was “Seven”. I didn’t think I had anything to go with this challenge so I looked at the pictures that entered (which by the way were great) and went about my very business. While I was cooking the hubs was making himself a salad and poor little E-baby was crying for some attention. All of a sudden I could not believe my ears!!! I watch to see Aaron bend down and say, “Here-play with this SEVEN!!” I look over and E is playing with a “seven” magnet. I run off yelling, “Where is my camera!!!???” I think the whole household literally thought I had lost my mind…

With all of that being said though, I did capture my baby in his “seven” moment and decided to link up afterall.


a thousand words wednesdays


3 responses to “Seven….

  1. Ha…so perfect! What a cutie.

  2. very cute….I love when random stuff happens and they just fit right in your day:)

  3. Well what do you know – he must have know 🙂 Great capture!

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